Dinner guests

I sit here alone thinking about days gone by. A glass of red wine, a sliver of dark chocolate, haunted by the ghosts of people long gone. The ghosts of those who, in spite of their distance and passing, have inspired me and to whom I owe part of my own being. What makes me myself, … More Dinner guests

Whispers of spring

I don’t feel like talking (or writing) much today. Sometimes less is more. Brevity is my current inspiration. Condensing all meanings into a haiku-short sentence is more creative than a never-ending waffle. At the moment, spring is saying all it needs to and lifting my mood with the waft of a cool breeze and pink blossom … More Whispers of spring

Links to Inspire

A couple of things across the world wide web that have inspired me this week. The worst question you can ask someone I used to dread being asked what I did. My job was complex and I didn’t enjoy it much, so I would often reply “oh, just admin”. Now I’m better at being asked. … More Links to Inspire

Lentil nut roast

  Sometimes on a Sunday I feel like making a family roast dinner. But I never think to pick up any joints of meat when I’m shopping on a Saturday and, in any case, there’s only two of us to eat such a decadent meal.  Leftovers would be coming out of our ears. What do … More Lentil nut roast