This week, in the jungle… Vol. 1

This past week has been more hectic and eventful than some – my mum has been to visit! We used to not get on very well, but I’m learning to be more patient, tolerant and kind – yoga and meditation helps – which I find more difficult to be with the people I’m closest to than complete strangers funnily enough! I was very much looking forward to long lunches, chatting, window shopping and crafting together!

Monday was a bank holiday in the UK, but my boyfriend and I spent it giving the house a thorough cleaning before my mum’s imminent arrival! We treated ourselves to a pint of ale afterwards in the pub after which we went back to our lovely sparkly clean house and gorged ourselves on my homemade pizza!


(Unfortunately not my image, taken from My pizza was in our bellies before I got a chance to take a snap! But you get the picture!)

It was my mum’s birthday on Wednesday, so we surprised her with a meal at a local Thai restaurant which we’d heard good things about. It was so difficult to choose what dishes to have, but we chose a selection including seafood dumplings, seared duck and a massaman curry that we all shared so we could expand our Thai food horizons!

On Friday I had a day off to spend with my mum. We had brunch at a local deli that I’d been recommended, followed by a saunter around a local affordable art exhibition and a couple of hours strolling around the National Museum. We ate ice cream made with liquid nitrogen (Cardiff’s latest foodie arrival) to sustain ourselves while I was on the quest for new shoes and finished off the evening in Ask (which I thought was surprisingly good – and I had a voucher ha).

 Science Cream Logo

Saturday we went for massages and to the opera in the evening to see The Magic Flute and on Sunday we explored Raglan Castle and the local Waitrose (hey, it’s a treat!) and had some takeaway Chinese from Hokkei (which created a bit of a whirl in the local media when it opened 6 months ago due to it being the brainchild of two local Masterchef finalists …we’ve waited that long to try it!).

A very busy week for me, and I’m quite sure that my waistline must have expanded from eating out so often but I won’t tell the scales if you don’t ;).

How was your week? Do you do much with your parents when they visit? I always keep a list of things that I know my mum would like to do so I’m not stuck when she’s here!


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