The Wildlife Trusts’ #30DaysWild Challenge!


The Wildlife Trusts are running a challenge for the month of June, daring us all to be more in tune with nature. The challenge is to practice “random acts of wildness” throughout June and develop more awareness of nature and our surroundings.

I’m very much on board with this idea – anything that encourages us to think about nature and spend more time outside is a winner in my book. I signed up on 2nd June after I heard about it on the previous evening’s Springwatch. So I missed a day, but better late than never! You can still sign up here too!

There are some great resources on the Wildlife Trusts’ website including 101 Random Acts of Wildness (ideas on how we can let nature into our lives) and a How wild are you? quiz (I got 80% – Really Wild. “Your life is pretty wild, but you can always make more room for nature!”).

Some of the things you can do are to plant some insect-friendly plants, climb a tree, or have a wild garden party!

I’ll be documenting my random acts of wildness – some may be more wild than others, do what fits in with your life! Follow me on Twitter, join the 30 Days Wild Facebook group or use the hashtag #30DaysWild to keep up with our wild adventures!



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