Summer Dreaming

The days are heating up ever so slightly now in the UK. We’ve sat outside in a beer garden and eaten our first ice creams, so I suppose that means summer is here!

In the summer months, I find that my weekends get booked up quite quickly and far in advance. Most of our friends live elsewhere so we try to make the most of a trip to see them by visiting on the weekend and often staying overnight.

So I thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of ideas (á la Cupcakes and Cashmere) to make the most of the sunny months – inspiration for those elusive free weekends, or the long light weeknight evenings after work!

  1. Walk the Taff Trail and up the Garth Mountain (followed by a long lazy pub lunch)
  2. Go swimming in the newly restored Pontypridd Lido that will be opening this summer
  3. Redesign our garden (it’s a bit of a mess, as described in this post
  4. Wear my hair up more often, in messy braids and knots (look at The Beauty Department and Pinterest for inspiration)
  5. Go camping
  6. Visit Monknash Beach
  7. Make a crochet daisy headband
  8. Make a monoprint series using found objects, such as leaves
  9. Visit Flatholm Island
  10. Take more photographs

What are your plans for the summer? Do you find to-do lists useful in directing your time and energy or are you more spontaneous with your summer?


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