Aubergine and Lentil Dhal


I love a lentil dhal when I’m in the mood for something comforting, wholesome and easy to make! This dhal isn’t too spicy, but you can add more chilli if you prefer! You could also sub the sunflower oil for ghee (more traditional) or coconut oil to make it taste more buttery. It’s perfect for using up any vegetables hanging about in the fridge and for dunking pitta (or naan) breads into!

I’m not a very exact cook and I don’t stick with measurements at all when I’m making a meal, so this is an approximation of amounts; make it to your tastes and preferences!

Serves 4 

3 tablespoons sunflower oil 

1 red onion, cut into cubes 

2 cloves garlic, finely sliced 

1 aubergine, cut into cubes 

1 ½ cup lentils 

8-14 baby potatoes (skin on) 

6 medium sized tomatoes, quartered 

½ teaspoon ground coriander 

½ teaspoon turmeric 

½ teaspoon chilli powder 

1 teaspoon cumin 

Sea salt to taste 

Heat up the sunflower oil on a medium-high heat, adding the onion and garlic to brown (keep stirring so it doesn’t burn!). Then add all the spices and stir until everything is coated. Add the lentils followed by the aubergine, and the baby potatoes, stir again, and cover with water (tip: if you add boiling water it’ll cook quicker). If the water has been soaked up before the potatoes are done, add more water.

When it looks like it’s almost done (have a taste, a nibble and a stab of a potato here and there to check), add the tomatoes and let it bubble away for 5-10 more minutes. Taste, add some more salt or chilli if you like, and then serve with fresh pitta or naan, or a vegetable side, yum!

What’s your favourite, easy to make, comfort food recipe? Do share! I always like to try something new.


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