This week, in the jungle… Vol.4


This week has been amazing. Not only has the weather been great, I’ve also been involved in some great things and met lovely people in my community.

On Wednesday, we finally booked our flights to New Zealand next year! I’m so excited about this; we’ve wanted to go to New Zealand for a while. Now I can get stuck into finding out about all the fantastic things we can do and get stuck into planning our holiday. We’re looking at touring around the North Island with maybe a day trip to the South Island (3 weeks is not enough time, but we’ll be back!). Any tips you guys have would be much appreciated!


We were supposed to see the Foo Fighters on Friday at Wembley, but Dave Grohl broke his leg and it was cancelled. We had the day off work anyway, so managed to make some progress with the major project that is our house. I can now tick a damp proof course downstairs off the giant to-do list! It feels fantastic when you make a small amount of progress after months and months of stagnation. And we learnt how to remove a radiator, way to go team! We spent the afternoon chilling out in the Bay watching the Extreme Sailing Series.


I spent today helping out at a local community festival. It’s in its second year and run by some lovely people. I volunteered in the workshop tent, helping to set up and talking to lots of people about sustainability. I found out lots about bees, composting, food waste; I learnt how to roll dolma and even held a chicken! There was some amazing food as well, including the best vegan brownies ever.

Also this week…

I finished reading Simon Sebag Montefiore’s One Night in Winter and started the Northern Lights – never read it so please no spoilers ;).

I’ve been listening to Iggy Pop and Royal Blood in preparation for the Foo Fighters gig – they would have been the support acts.

I’m still buzzing from hanging out with such amazing people and feeling like I’m beginning to get life sorted out! Have you ever done any volunteering or community work?


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