This week, in the jungle… Vol.5


This week, I’m bringing my jungle update to you one day earlier than usual because this Sunday is National Unplugging Day in the UK and I want to do my bit.

When I think about “unplugging”, my mind automatically jumps to how much of my time I spend looking at screens. Due to my job I’m on the computer all day; at home in the evenings I frequently check social media on my phone, use my laptop to write or set up blog posts, or even read books before bed on my Kobo e-reader, not to mention watching TV! Even making this list has surprised me at how much I do actually use screens and rely on electricity for everything I do.

I’d like to take one little step to re-evaluate my screen-time, so in honour of National Unplugging Day I pledge to radically reduce my screen time and electricity use this Sunday. I will turn off my laptop, refrain from checking social media for the millionth time, hide my mp3 player and e-reader, and I will definitely not use my blender (I whimper at this drastic measure). Instead, I’ll go outside, spread a picnic blanket to read books, make old fashioned to-do lists, eat salad and fruit, watch the wildlife and listen to the birds around me. I will have to allow myself a little cheat though, my phone will have to stay on – strictly for emergencies only of course (I volunteered to help supervise a Summer School that starts on Sunday afternoon and need to be reachable for first aid etc.)!

This week’s likes:

Winning tickets to the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park – Hanging out with friends and talking about their cool wedding plans – Naughty food – Booking flights to Germany to visit my dad – Enjoying the sunshine and getting my legs and feet out – Cherries are in season and I want to eat them all!


Watch – My boyfriend recently introduced me to Flight of the Conchords and I love it (I know I’m late to the bandwagon). I’ve also been watching a documentary on Sappho (recorded from BBC4) on my lunch breaks that has been really informative and is a great reminder that we need to let go of our prejudices and preconceptions of people to see the real person!

Wear – People Tree have a sale on at the moment, I’m trying very hard to be good, save money and resist! Incidentally, I’m wearing all People Tree in the outfit pic at the top of the page… I can’t help that they keep coming out with some amazing clothes that are sustainable and affordable to boot!

WP_20150625_003 Crop

Eat – TGI Friday’s (to meet up with friends); salad and rice cakes with quark and beetroot powder; falafel; vegetable Thai green curry; and lots of clearing-out-the-fridge meals!


Listen – Birdsong (I’m becoming a lot more aware of it since beginning the #30DaysWild Challenge); The Who and Paul Weller in preparation for the BST Festival in Hyde Park; The Doors’ Best of (walking to work with a spring in my step)

What will you do for National Unplugging Day? Instead of listening to the radio for example, you could make music yourself (you don’t even need to know how to play one, just whistle or blow across a bottle top)! Do you ever feel the need to “unplug”?


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