Summer is for Festivals!


Last Monday we found out that we had won 2 tickets to the British Summer Time festival in London’s Hyde Park through my boyfriend’s work. He’d entered specifically because one of his favourite bands – the Who – were playing. Of course we couldn’t say no to free tickets, so we quickly booked transport and accommodation and headed down to the capital! I documented some of the day using my camera phone.







Not only did we get to see The Who; Johnny Marr, Kaiser Chiefs and Paul Weller also played. All bands I’ve never seen (apart from The Who). I really loved singing along to all the Kaiser Chief hits from my university days (I remembered most of the lyrics too…), jumping around to my favourite Johnny Marr and Smiths tracks, admiring Paul Weller’s stage presence, and just in awe of The Who as usual. Sadly, we missed Gaz Coombs by minutes as our bus was delayed getting into London but the Glastonbury coverage of his set there made up for that.

The next day we spent the morning walking through London before catching our coach. When I’m in the city, I love to walk so I discover different neighbourhoods and get to know my way around. Marylebone, which we walked through and I’ve never really taken any notice of when I’ve been there before, was lovely!

I love the idea of a one-day festival. The facilities were really good and it felt amazing to fall into a real bed and have a proper night’s rest after a day of dancing and jumping around! Definite advantages after having experienced the joys of weekend festivals in my time… I’ll definitely be looking into British Summer Time when 2016 comes around! Have you ever been to a festival? Do you enjoy them or not so much?



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