This week, in the jungle… Vol.6

The view from my room at Summer School; you can see all of Cardiff!

After spending the last 5 days looking after a group of 60 teenagers at a summer school plus working full time, I’m SO glad to be home! This weekend I’ve enjoyed not having any fixed plans and being also to do all the normal weekend activities that I usually don’t get round to doing when we’re off gallivanting in London, or visiting friends in Bristol as we have been the last few weekends.

My usual Saturday routine is to go to the local farmer’s market. I love chatting to the Big Issue seller there. He’s the most un-PC person I know, has a great sense of humor and is always really lovely and chatty. Then I’ll go over to the farmer who I have been buying my vegetables from for the past 2 years or so. If he’s busy, he just gets on with business and fills my large canvas bag with whatever I fancy that day. If he’s not, we’ll stop to have a conversation about farming, life in the UK and what we’ve been up to recently. He’s from Poland, where my grandparents are also from, and I’ve been taking Polish lessons. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to do my shopping with him all in Polish!

This week’s likes:


Fresh watermelon every lunchtime – Glorious sunshine, amazing light, and beautiful clouds – A mid-week date at home with my boyfriend, homemade Bolognese and Badger ale, a lovely break from Summer School – Appreciating “home”, it’s not perfect but nowhere else feels quite like it

Watch – On my lunch breaks I’ve been catching up with some programmes I recorded ages ago about suffragettes, and a day in the life of Tracy Emin. I’ve also been watching Glastonbury; especially Patti Smith’s performance struck a chord with me. I felt so empowered, confident of my own abilities and creativity after watching and hearing about these women. We can all make a difference to the world in our own ways, we just have to remember our courage!


Wear – It’s been so warm these days I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts in natural fibres like linen and cotton. This one is a purple cotton Gap dress I bought from eBay last year. I’ve also been getting a lot of wear out of my Birkenstock sandals!

Eat – Canteen food mainly, during summer school, but on a Wednesday night we always plan a more formal dinner. This year we went to the SWALEC cricket stadium in Cardiff and had chestnut and blue cheese stuffed mushrooms, duck with a sticky plum sauce and the obligatory chocolate brownie to finish. I’ve been glad of the salads on my lunch breaks and fresh fruit to break up one potato meal after another!

Read – I’ve been powering through the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman recently. I’m on the Amber Spyglass now and completely hooked! This definitely isn’t just a book for children. It’s so imaginative and has so many layers, it’s one to read over and over and over again.

Listen – I’ve been listening to California Breed’s one and only album on my longer walks to work in the mornings. It’s a shame the band split up after completing it. We might see Glenn Hughes when he’s touring the UK this autumn, just waiting to hear whether he’ll announce any gigs closer to us rather than booking into Southampton or London!

Did you watch the Glastonbury coverage, or were you lucky enough to be there? What were your highlights?


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