Making time for photography


When I walk, I feel inspired and start cooking up all sorts of ideas in my head. Regardless whether I’m walking in the city centre, the park, or in the great outdoors without another soul for miles. When I get inspired, I have to jot down my ideas, even if they’re only half-formed to keep them, incubate them and hopefully one day hatch them into something real and good.

But I find taking a notebook on my walk cumbersome, and often the things that inspire me and lead to ideas require a more visual representation. So I’ve started taking my phone on my walk, stopping to take pictures of whatever inspires me, and using these images at home to prompt remembrance of my ideas. The photographs in themselves might not be great, and I’m sure that the image quality of my phone camera is below par what I could achieve with a proper one (maybe for Christmas….). But these little snapshots are still precious to me; they represent a wealth of ideas and show me that my creative potential is still there.

These are a few of the photos I took on a stroll through the park on Saturday.

Horse chestnuts developing on the trees
The ducks kept waddling away from me
Thistles, in Wales


Who needs a hot house with these tropical-like plants growing outside!
Who needs a hot house with these tropical-looking plants growing outside!


Thistles, in Wales
Thistles, in Wales


Chasing a beautiful blue damselfly

What inspires you and how do you track, document or remember the initial creative thoughts you want to revisit?


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