Beat the Heat Iced Coffee

You might have heard…there is a heat wave going on in the UK. Nothing too drastic, not like the cold snap that hit New Zealand a couple of weeks back, but hot enough for shorts to come flying off the shelves, and sun umbrellas (because we really need those here). Strangely, this always seems to coincide with Wimbledon, at least in my mind. Maybe they bring the sunshine from their warm-weather training camps and as soon as they unzip their tennis rackets on Centre Court the sun bounds out too. A lovely loony thought for a slow Friday afternoon!

German style iced coffee by spidermonkeywrites

Anyway, I always think the best way to cool off when you’re hot and bothered and don’t feel like eating much is an iced coffee, German style! Much better than any of the actual iced stuff you get in the coffee chains that abound here – I don’t like my coffee watered down any further than an Americano really. Other countries might lay claim to this way of preparing iced coffee and I’m not saying they’re wrong, but I used to live in Germany where it’s a summer staple and I haven’t commonly seen it served like this anywhere else. It’s not really a desert in my book, just the summer way of drinking coffee. I would love one right about now!

You brew some coffee the night before and stick it in the fridge when it’s cooled down a bit. When you’re ready for your coffee, take some vanilla ice cream and slather it into a tall glass (about a third of the way up) – I used hagen daz; you can make the ice cream yourself if you can wait (I’ve had visions of a beautiful homemade dairy-free vanilla coconut concoction), but my patience tends to run out if I’m waiting too long for an iced coffee! Top it up with your cold coffee, add a bit more ice cream if you like or even add whipped cream for more decadence. Use a straw, use a spoon, use your mouth, whatever! I like to savour a few spoonfuls of coffee coated ice cream at the start and then mix it all up to make a delicious creamy, frothy liquid.

German style iced coffee close up by spidermonkeywrites

What are your top tips for beating the heat? If it gets really hot I like to draw the curtains or blinds during the day and come home to a nice cool house!


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