This week, in the jungle… Vol.7


It’s been a busy week, I feel like I’ve hardly had time to stand still and breathe! So that’s what I plan to do today, along with a trip to the National Museum to look at the Chalkie Davies: The NME Years photography exhibition (visit the National Museum Wales website for more information). I’ve been before with my mum but my other half hasn’t seen them yet and he loves rock music and memorabilia.

Yesterday we celebrated a friend’s birthday at the Grillstock Festival in Bristol. I wasn’t that fussed on the music to be honest. Goldie Looking Chain and De la Soul I knew and the Computers were pretty good (think a British Hives), but I’ve never heard of the headliner DJ Yoga…I must be a complete philistine! But the food was excellent – we had a multi award-winning burger from the Beefy Boys – and it’s always good to get together with friends.

This week’s likes:

Choosing a kitchen for our house, need to use those bargaining skills now to get the price down! – Ticking a pottery course off my bucket list – A midweek date at Jamie’s Italian (we got half price on the food through their new summer menu promo) – Walks with my camera, stopping every 5 minutes to snap something interesting


Watch – I’ve been watching Victoria Coren-Mitchell’s “How to be Bohemian” series for BBC4. It’s really interesting walk through history and I enjoy her presenting style. I got my geek on in the week too with the original Star Trek “Wrath of Khan” film. I’ve never really been into Star Trek (I’m more of a Star Wars girl) but it was entertaining enough. Shame I’d seen the remake before, so nothing really came as a surprise.


Eat – Amazing burgers, ribs and brisket at Grillstock. Beautiful sea bass at Jamie’s Italian that has inspired me to cook more fish at home. And for afters, this delicious lavender dark chocolate from Seed and Bean!


Listen – Biffy Clyro’s Only Revolutions on my mp3 player; Kasabian at T in the Park; and (slightly reluctantly) listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack in the kitchen…my boyfriend loves it and it makes me think of our holiday in NZ!

Read – The Big Issue, as usual, and I’m making my way through the July issue of Mollie Makes. I’m halfway through The Amber Spyglass, the last book in the His Dark Materials trilogy. It was a definite gap in my childhood reading! Usually I give paperbacks away when I’m done reading, but these I will have to keep because I’m sure I’ll be re-reading them again in the future. I’ve been deliberating what to read next, I’m thinking about “A Place of Greater Safety” by Hilary Mantel about the French Revolution. It’s big but I’m told it’s unputdownable. 

What are your favourite ways of relaxing after a busy week? Have you every tried pottery and what would be on your bucket list? 


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