This week, in the jungle … Vol. 9

Friday night, hot chocolate night! Yes, the weather is that cold at the moment…

If yesterday was a day of activity in the sun, today I’m relishing the prospect of a rainy day at home.

I started off Saturday in the usual way with a trip to the market, then off to a 2 hour yin yoga class, followed by a couple of hours painting the shed in our community garden and making the most of the sunshine with a BBQ at home.

Today I’m going to languorously active (if that’s a thing); catching up on my reading (there are lots of magazines and books that have been piling up next to my side of the bed), possibly finishing the last two episodes of 1864, and some more itinerary planning for our New Zealand holiday. I’ve also been craving baked Polish cheesecake the way my grandma makes it, hopefully the one I make today will come close.

Only one thing could make this Sunday better, and that is a working boiler that will fill a bath with lovely warm water. Ours is erratic, taking ages to heat up for a few minutes of hot water and then spouting cold for the next ten. Our solicitor has promised that things are in motion and agreements have been drafted. Hopefully it will all be sorted promptly so we can get the builders engaged and on site before August is out. One can only dream…!

This week’s likes:

Friday night alone at home – my boyfriend’s company after a night away – feeling like I’m on top of my to do list – finding a perfect balance of doing things for others and doing things for myself – cheesecake

WatchLa Traviata: Love, Death and Divas, a documentary about the history of the Verdi opera with Amanda Vickery (who is a great presenter by the way, go look her up). I love watching documentaries on my lunch breaks. It gives me an intellectual break from whatever is going on at work but (more often than not) still keeps my grey cells engaged. It’s very rare that we ever get the chance to watch an entire film in one sitting, so we usually don’t bother. This weekend has been an exception and I’ve been able to settle down to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Esio Trot.



Eat – A BBQ at home with hotdogs and chicken kebabs, making a homemade pea soup for my lunch (I declare this the ultimate empty cupboard food), green smoothies for breakfast, uttapam (rice flour pancake) with a lovely coconut chutney made right in front of my eyes at the farmer’s market

Listen – Rival Sons. If you haven’t listened to their latest album Great Western Valkyrie, do it now! The opening sounds of Electric Man never fail to put a smile on my face and always give me the urge to boogie in the middle of the street.

Read – I’m still tackling A Place of Greater Safety. It’s very interesting but not really the sort of book that makes for good bedtime reading because it takes such a lot of thought and concentration to realise what’s going on. I think I’ll need to brush up on my knowledge of the French Revolution to fully get to grips with it! Also I’ve been devouring the latest issues of Mollie Makes, the Big Issue and I’ve treated myself to a Simply Crochet magazine to give me some inspiration.

Do you enjoy rainy days? What are your favourite rainy day activities? When I was younger on days like this I used to love eating warm chocolate pudding while snuggled up in a comfy chair listening to opera (that’s my mum’s influence, she loves classical music). And is there a cake or other dish that particularly reminds you of someone? A baked cheesecake will always remind me of my grandma.


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