This week, in the jungle … Vol. 10


I’ve had the house to myself since Tuesday evening after my other half took a well-deserved break to visit his parents in the countryside. Sadly, all my annual leave from work is already tied up with other things, so I couldn’t go. I’ve had plenty to keep me occupied though!

The British Wheel of Yoga Summer School started 3 weeks ago and I’ve been attending a class with a new teacher each Tuesday evening. This week it was a mixture of yin (holding poses for about 5 minutes to work into connective tissues) and yang yoga (the hatha style that we’re all used to which works the muscles). Changing between the two styles was more challenging than I’d expected after having been to quite a few pure yin classes!


Wednesday I got a new haircut which has been long overdue! I’ve decided to go a bit shorter and I think it suits me. My hair feels a lot healthier anyway, I’m sure it was April since I had it cut last and my hair tends to grow quite quickly.


Thursday I met up with some lovely ex-colleagues for an Italian meal and Friday I attended the launch of an art installation called Tape in Cardiff’s Bute Park which I’m going to be volunteering at throughout August. The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, to non-Brits) have set this up as part of a Giving Nature a Home pilot project to try and encourage more people to go outdoors and look at their surroundings with a fresh pair of eyes. I’m so excited to be involved in this project and I’ve been going over on my lunch breaks to watch it grow. At the launch I was able to climb inside the giant structure made solely of wide sticky tape that has been erected in the trees. It’s a truly magical experience and the first time that Tape has come to the UK! If you go in with a camera you’re sure to get some amazing angles – there’s beauty everywhere you look! If you’re in or around Cardiff, you should definitely come and bring all your friends and family. I’ll be volunteering there from today.

This week’s likes:


Catching up with friends over glasses of wine – finally getting some blog stuff organised – having lots of time to myself to completely immerse myself in books – Payday! – treating myself to some new music – getting my pottery trials back from the kiln

Watch – I haven’t been watching much TV since I’ve been home along. Mainly because I prefer to spend my evenings tucked up with a good book! I did see the first episode of the new season of Ripper Street, which was pretty good. I love that it’s finally back on TV (it seems signing petitions does pay off)!


Eat – All the cheesecake! Seriously, I’m a bit sick of cheesecake now but I hate to throw food away and it didn’t look pretty enough to take into work. A baking perfectionist should never be home alone. I tried some Skyr Icelandic style yoghurt this week and I really like it. I don’t usually hold with the fat free yoghurts, but I enjoyed the taste of this one. They do a layered version too with a sour cherry compote – my heaven right there. Also frutti di mare linguini when I went out for dinner with friends.


Listen – I treated myself to some new music this weekend after being paid. I decided to go with some mp3 downloads rather than buying CDs because I don’t want any new plastic in my house or more “stuff” that just has to go up into the attic when we finally begin renovations. Also it meant I could listen straight away – bonus. But why are mp3s sometimes more expensive than an actual CD? That doesn’t make sense to me, but I’ll go with it to save the planet. I bought the new Graveltones album (I’m going to see them live in September, can’t wait!), a Monster Truck album which a friend recommended, PJ Harvey’s Stories from the City…, a Cult Best Of and the first Silverchair album because I’ve had major nostalgia for it. Can’t wait to get stuck in to all of this!

Read – I finished A Place of Greater Safety this week and really needed some light entertainment afterwards because it got quite bleak towards the end! Someone recommended Bookbub to me this week. It’s a website that notifies you of e-book deals and free e-books, so I signed up and downloaded some of the books that was available for free. I sped through a Pride and Prejudice reworking called A Winter Wrong – sometimes my brain just needs a break and that sort of fluff is perfect for it! I’ve started Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.

Do you prefer reading or watching the TV? How do you deal with reading fatigue after a particularly long, serious or bleak book? Also, I migrated to a new WordPress theme this weekend and I’m much happier with the layout. Do you like it?


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