This week, in the jungle … Vol. 11


Sometimes I think I could make more of my life and use the hours in the day more productively. This week I’ve been volunteering in the evenings after work and coming home late, ready for nothing but dinner, a bit of reading and then sleep. At other times when I’m not volunteering, I’d come home, have a sit down, make dinner and eat it while we’re watching TV and before I know it, it’s time to get ready for bed and we’ve spent most of the evening sitting down in front of a screen. Volunteering this week has made me start thinking about how I use the time in the evenings to be more productive, or even just do something for myself, like reading a book, that doesn’t involve a screen or sitting. We spend so much of our time being sedentary at computers in offices and it has so many negative long-term effects.

I’ve decided to break the spiral, starting with work. I’m going to get up and walk around more often, at last once an hour, to move and give myself breaks from the screen. When I come home, I’ll lie down and read rather than switching the TV on and sitting down, or going for a walk if I’m feeling more active. I’ll make a plan of something I want to achieve each evening, like implementing my plans for this blog, and work towards that rather than aimlessly ambling my time away. I’ve been trying to be more productive at work and it’s working quite well. I already feel more engaged than I did a few weeks ago. Now it’s time to sort out my evenings too!

 This week’s likes:

Visiting a beautiful tucked-away gallery I didn’t know existed – meeting some lovely new people while volunteering – talking to people about art – feeling like my creative side is re-awakening – dreaming up plans for my upcoming trip to London

Watch – The Wolf of Wall Street, Man Utd v Spurs – the first game of the new football season


Eat – I made a crustless, cheeseless quiche for the first time last weekend and I’ve been having it for quick, easy and healthy lunches. I need the healthy after the meals out (and a sneaky takeaway on Friday)! I’ve had an interesting recipe for bread saved in my bookmarks and I finally made it last weekend. It’s soo good, and really easy to make. In fact there’s a batch in the oven as I write. Try it for yourself (recipe here).


Listen – Children laughing and enjoying themselves in the Tape installation where I’m volunteering.

ReadThe Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle by Kirsty Wark. It’s quite an easy going book, but it does tackle some difficult issues like dementia and loneliness. It’s set on the Isle of Arran in Scotland and is giving me major wanderlust for Scotland. In fact, I’ve started dropping hints to my other half about a trip to Edinburgh this autumn…we went last year so I figure why not make it an annual thing. If I can’t live there, I need to visit regularly to keep my yearning at bay! Have you ever felt like that about a place, like you just belong there and nowhere else feels quite right?


Do you think you sit too much or look at screens too much? Have you ever had a sense of not being productive enough with your time?


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