This week, in the jungle… Vol. 12


I’m all packed and ready to go. On Monday we’re off on holiday to Krakow for a couple of days. Apparently the weather promises to be much warmer than here (win!) and the hotel has free wifi. But I like to switch off when I go away and not have to worry about a thing, so I probably won’t be tweeting while I’m away (unless I remember…). I do have some great posts scheduled for the blog so you won’t miss me too much!

I almost couldn’t believe we were going on holiday, I’ve had a lot of other things to think about this week. Tape, the art installation I’m volunteering at, needed repair works, so I spent two evenings on high ladders tightly wrapping sticky tape around a giant spider web structure (fun, but definitely hard work). Now I’ve had a hand in repairing the structure, I have a whole new appreciation for the work that went in to creating and building it in the first place. A team of 10 spent 12 full days on these ladders and their hands must have been blistered from the efforts of tensioning the sellotape to create the structure. Hats off!


On Friday we celebrated a friend’s birthday and his imminent departure to warmer climes. He’s moving to Florida with his partner who is from there. It was lovely to see so many friends in the same place, we don’t get to meet up much now that most of us are in relationships and don’t live in shared accommodation anymore. I had loads of fun in the photobooth they provided. A childlike joy came over me every time I picked a prop and could see myself making silly faces in the camera screen. Hopefully the photos will brighten their day if they’re missing family and friends when they’ve moved.

This week’s likes:

Photobooth fun (I think dreadlocks might suit me, haha) – Looking forward to a week away and warming myself in the sun – Road testing my new running shoes – Re-discovering radio for myself


Watch – Last night we watched Filth. I’ve been meaning to read the book ever since I was 15 and had just finished Trainspotting. It did make me sad but ended on a lighter note and was very funny, not to mention the superb acting. I’ve also been watching a programme about the Atlantic Ocean narrated by Cillian Murphy and David Olusoga’s documentary about the slave trade in Britian.

Eat – I’ve discovered Dorset Cereals muesli for breakfasts, the nutty variety is so good! I really felt like pizza yesterday so we went to Zizzi’s after the little family-run Italian place I had my eye on was too busy. Still good though and it definitely helped the craving. I still want to go back to the Italian though, the food on the tables looked mouth-watering. As I’ve been volunteering most days after work, I’ve felt in a bit of a food rut. My boyfriend’s cooking is great, but it’s just not the same and I don’t feel like my meals have been balanced enough. A week in Poland should be just the ticket!

Dorset Cereals breakfast bowl
Dorset Cereals breakfast bowl

Listen – I’ve re-discovered the radio. I work alone Thursdays and Fridays, so the radio is a constant companion, but I never realised the wealth of programmes available to me via the iPlayer and catch-up services. I’ve bookmarked quite a few programmes this week and listened to Cerys Matthews (eclectic and world music), John Cooper Clarke (original rock and roll), a round-table discussion about sci-fi and fanfiction, and a historical programme on the battle of Bannockburn. My eyes and ears are wide open!

Read – The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton has been sitting in my virtual book pile for a while. It did take me a while to get into it, but about 20% though the book (as my e-reader reliably tells me) I’m enjoying it a lot. It takes concentration to read. It’s a deftly woven tale with many details and intricacies and I’m sure I’ve not picked up all the nuances, but I’m looking forward to the reveal at the end. Also reading the Yogasutras of Patanjali core text for my upcoming British Wheel of Yoga Level 1 Foundation Course.

What are your favourite holiday destinations and where have you been this year? Do you prefer a sun-bathing holiday or a culture trip?


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