Links to Inspire

A couple of things across the world wide web that have inspired me this week.

Wilderness Festival

Image by Jenna Foxton

From paddleboard yoga, wild swimming and cookery classes to basket weaving, foraging and arts and current affairs talks, Wilderness Festival sounds like the perfect weekend getaway! Bjork headlined this year (amazing!). It looks like such an inspirational and friendly place to be. Take a look at the highlights gallery to raise your adventurous spirits.

Kirsty Wark’s Scotland: some of my favourite places

A train crosses Glenfinnan viaduct with Loch Shiel in background. Photograph: Alamy

I’ve just finished reading Kirsty Wark’s first novel The Legacy of Elizabeth Pringle which is set on the Isle of Arran and has set off my yearning for Scotland all over again (I seemed to think I had it under control as I haven’t looked for houses on rightmove for a couple of months, haha!). This article has a lovely list of personal recommendations.

Free capsule wardrobe planner


I’ve been living out of a suitcase and plastic bags for 2 years now, it’s that long since I moved into the house I bought with my partner that needs way more renovation than we realised. The longer I live out of makeshift storage, the more I feel like I’m accumulating more and more stuff even though I’m trying to buy less, sell things on eBay or give to charity. I think I’m in desperate need of a capsule wardrobe and some series planning, which is where this little beauty comes in.

19 foods that you can re-grow from scraps


The title says it all. I didn’t know you could do this with half of these vegetables and herbs! Although to harvest an avocado you probably need to be living somewhere warmer than Wales…

Blue Skies Tunisian crochet cardigan pattern

Crochet project shot on Model Annabel against white brick wall

One day I will be brave enough to put my crochet skills to the seemingly gargantuan, but beautiful test of this amazing Pendleton-inspired cover up from Simply Crochet magazine!


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