This week, in the jungle… Vol. 13

Wawel Castle
Wawel Castle and Cathedral

I’m back from holiday in Krakow, Poland and hope you enjoyed the posts on the blog while I was away, my inspirational links for the week and a guide to Edinburgh off the beaten track. I’ll be sharing my photos and ideas for great things to do here later this week.

It feels good to be home again, in our own space, but coming back to Cardiff really didn’t excite me. Maybe it’s the state of our building site home, or the fact that I’ve lived in this city now for the past 7 years and am getting itchy feet. Despite the holiday, I don’t feel inspired to rejoin daily life but I do feel the need to change something and come out of my comfort zone.

It’s quite fitting that this Saturday I started volunteering somewhere new, a contemporary gallery space hidden amidst a city centre residential and industrial area that I didn’t even know existed. The space is expansive and the current exhibition around the theme of islands is thought-provoking. When I’m volunteering I’ll have the opportunity to work on some of my own ventures, in a quiet space at a desk which is what I’m lacking in my own house at the moment. It will force me to concentrate and to stop procrastinating, which I’m altogether too good at when I’m at home!

The upcoming week is a bank holiday in the UK, so I will be packing my bags again to spend a long weekend in London with my mum. I’ve been scouting for some new things to see and discover, including some yarn shops that stock amazing hand-dyed wool that I’ve got an eye on for my weaving and crochet projects. I love seeing new things in a city that I’ve been visiting since I was a little girl.

This week’s likes:


Good enough weather to show off my anklet – Learning more about my family history – Brushing up on my Polish –Successfully surprising a friend for their 30th birthday

WatchThe Scandalous Lady W, it really shows the extent of misogyny in Georgian society. I’m not sure society has changed that much for the better since.

Kasimierz, Jewish Quarter
Kasimierz, Jewish Quarter

Eat – Amazing Polish food: pierogi, pheasant, sausage, potato pancakes, pastries and salads with a little beer and vodka thrown into the mix. We had to buy some Polish vodka duty free on the way home as the blackberries are now beginning to ripen and we plan on making a family favourite, blackberry vodka.

Listen – Monster Truck/ PJ Harvey / Queens of the Stone Age

ReadThe Luminaries/ Little Women

Are you a procrastinator? What are your tips to getting things done? I’d also love to know what your favourite London haunts are!


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