My beauty routine


From the first time we go through our mother’s make-up cases, trying to apply a green eyeliner as a fabulous lipstick, I think it’s safe to say all females are curious about each other’s make-up bags and beauty routines.

I like to think I’ve got my morning and evening routine sorted and that the products I use have become pretty much standard. Over the years I’ve tried to include what some might think of as “fad-ish” rituals to my beauty routine, like dry-brushing, oil-pulling or drinking warm water and lemon first thing. I was pretty religious about my lemon water routine while it lasted, even taking lemons with me to my in-laws’ house for a long weekend (as if I couldn’t buy lemons in mid-Wales). But I just didn’t feel the benefits of doing these things every single day. After a while these habits have slackened and, while I do still dry-brush on occasion, I can think of better ways to use my coconut oil (in cake) or lemons (gin and tonic, please)! So this is my current pared down routine that I run through every week day morning (weekends are for laziness and no-make-up days).

So feel free to nose away at my beauty routine and feel free to leave comments, observations or tips!


7am – Alarm rings and a drink of water. I get up, go to the bathroom and put my contact lenses in before going running or doing some yoga.

8am – I brush my teeth with Kingfisher Fluoride Free Mint toothpaste before going in the shower. My routine is to shave or wash my hair every second day, so I spend equal amounts of time in the shower each day. If I’m washing my hair, I try to remember to put some coconut oil in the tips before I go out running as a conditioning treatment. Then I’ll wash my hair with either Weleda Millet Shampoo for normal hair or a Faith in Nature shampoo (currently coconut). I’ll use the Neal’s Yard Frankincense and Mandarin Body Polish to finish off, turban my hair and towel-dry. If I’m shaving I’ll lather up with a Weleda Body Wash (currently testing the new evening primrose variety) or Dr Bronner’s liquid soap (I’ve just run out of peppermint), shave and rinse.


8.20am – Back in the bedroom, I’ll massage a little Pai Rosehip Oil onto my face followed up by their Chamomile and Rosehip day cream. While I’m deciding what to wear, I’ll apply my Desert Essence Dry by Nature deodorant stick and either use a Weleda body lotion or body oil, or something I’ve concocted myself (I recently made a body butter from cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter which was very rich and chocolatey smelling). After I’ve got dressed, I’ll brush my hair and dry it with a very quick blast of the hairdryer if I’ve washed it.


My daily make-up routine is quite simple. I use Neal’s Yard eyeliner in black (although I’ve currently got into using brown again) and whatever mascara I’m currently testing (RMS at the moment, with a new Green People mascara waiting in the wings). If it’s more of a fancy do, I’ll put on some make up (Neal’s Yard loose powder) and eyeshadow (Neal’s Yard Oat or Barley shades are golden and slightly shimmery).

8.30am – Eat my breakfast and drink some much-needed water standing up in the kitchen and off I go.


10pm – I’ll take my eye make-up off by massaging a small amount of coconut oil over my eyes and then swiping it off with a cotton pad. Then I’ll wash my face with warm water, patting it dry with a towel, and take my contact lenses out. After brushing my teeth I’ll slather some Pai Rosehip Oil onto my face and (if I remember) some plain shea butter onto my feet and off under the covers for some bedtime reading.

If I remember or feel like my skin needs a break, I use either the Neal’s Yard White Tea Enriching Facial Mask or the Wild Rose Beauty Balm (as a scrub or a mask). And if I’m feeling a bit pimply or blemish-prone, I bring out the heavy-guns in the form of some Neem Oil (currently Neal’s Yard but I have used A Vogel’s which I preferred as it came pre-mixed), which my boyfriend insists smells like gravy so I only use sparingly.

What are your beauty routines? Are you set on the products you use or are you a chronic beauty product experimentalist?


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