This week, in the jungle… Vol. 14

Pretty bugs in the garden

I’ve been a bit down in the dumps lately and I think that’s reflected on my jungle updates. It’s not wishing I was still on holiday, the nasty weather, or the head cold that’s been plaguing me since I’ve been back. There’s just a general sense of dissatisfaction and disaffection with how life is going at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I believe I’m very lucky to own my own home, I have the ability to live my life independently due to my income and give something back to charities and society, I have a job I don’t hate, and have found the best partner in crime for my adventures. I suppose I feel like things are stagnating at the moment. We’re not making much progress on the building works for our house and winter is looming. I feel like I don’t have a space to relax or let go, everything is messy and disorganised and any brilliant ideas are on hold until I have the “space” (physically and mentally) to develop them.

While we were on holiday, we had a late night conversation over beer about my creativity – that I keep putting my creative life on hold and the fact that I’m so frustrated over it. This blog has helped, but the girl who used to spend all her spare time (when she wasn’t reading) drawing and painting has somehow been buried under all the mundane stuff that really isn’t important at all (doing the dishes, etc). So I’ve decided to do something about it, dig myself of this dusty cocoon and try my best to do something creative every day. Who cares if it’s just a scribble in my sketch book. No one will see it and the best ideas come from a simple doodle. It’s my personal challenge to take it further.

My spidermonkey doodle

And I’m determined that I won’t write any more downer or half-baked jungle updates! Writing and reading are some of the things that pull me out of the mire and I wouldn’t want for you to read about me moaning all the time because I don’t want my readers, who are generous enough with their time to read my musings, to get down too. I want everyone to be happy, but that starts with me, so from now on I’m going to try to find that little kernel of happiness in everything.

In fact, as you read this I’ll be exploring London with my mum for the bank holiday weekend, something I’ve been really excited about planning. I think I’m going to come back with a lot of inspiration and some goodies (maybe, if the budget will stretch). I’ll share everything with you next week when I’m back!

This week’s likes:

Meeting lots of cute doggies while volunteering in the park – Looking forward to the Bank Holiday and spending time with my mum in London – Catching up on Reading Festival coverage – Seeing my guest post for Green City Events published (you can read it here)

Watch – Loving the sea otters on Big Blue Live (but who doesn’t)/ Learning more about the Battle of Britain from First Light/ Trying out a yoga session via a local TV station, not bad if I’m in a rut!


Eat – Chilli and garlic stir fry/ Pasta with sausage we bought in Poland/ Fish and chips/ Vegetable soup/ Halloumi salad/ a yummy Meridian peanut and berry bar. Desperate for greens!

Listen – A Regina Spektor anthology/ Rival Sons

Read – Little Women/ Diary of a homeless man in a previous Big Issue, what a great writer!

Have there been periods of your life where you’re been dissatisfied? What are your strategies for lifting yourself out of a slump?


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