Autumn Activities (with an illustrated checklist!)

Autumn To-do List

In June I created a list of activities to make the most of my summer weekends. I only managed to do three of the ten ideas I had – I made a crochet headband, walked up the Taff Trail and the Garth Mountain followed by a pub lunch, and I definitely took more photographs! Still feels good to tick these activities off and incorporate more ways of being active and creative into my lifestyle.

I thought for autumn, I’d create a similar list but make it more general so everyone can join in and do at least one autumnal activity. I also love the idea of having a visual list that you can print out and stick on your fridge, or save on Pinterest. So here’s my autumn checklist, compiled and illustrated by myself.

Autumn To-do List

I especially love the idea of learning a new craft such as knitting or crochet which would be particularly useful in the upcoming cold season! Make yourself something simple and easy enough to begin with like a scarf. You’ll still be able to get plenty of creative input by choosing your colours and design, and it will look impressive too. I’ll be trying to keep my own crochet up this autumn as well as learning how to weave.

I also think that baking in general is an amazing thing to do in the colder months. There’s a ritual to it, it takes time, makes the house smell amazing and creates a comfortable warmth. I’ll personally be baking more bread, cookies (as suggested) and also try my hand at making cakes with vegetables in them (carrot cake, beetroot chocolate cake, etc…) because to me they’re a lot more autumnal than a Victoria sponge and tastier than a fruit cake.

Autumn Leaf Bouquet

Some of the other things I thought would be really cool to do this autumn (that didn’t make it on to the list) are:

  • Set up a time-lapse camera from a window to take pictures of the changing colours of the leaves outside
  • Come up with 5 different homemade soup combinations for tasty and interesting lunches
  • Make a seed and bulb list for spring planting and plan your garden layout
  • Take a dip in the sea (the sea warms up over the summer, so in September, on average, the sea will be at its warmest)
  • Pickle and preserve your summer produce
  • Create your own DIY Halloween costume (there is plenty of inspiration and tutorials on Pinterest)

Do you have any autumn rituals? What are your favourite things to do when the weather starts turning colder?


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