Links to Inspire

A couple of things across the world wide web that have inspired me this week.

Book recommendations from Sir Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson
Image from the Waterstones article

I believe that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their bookshelves. This article takes a look at Sir Alex Ferguson’s favourite books. Maybe some of his drive and ambition will rub off if we read these recommendations – what do you think?

Five companies using waste products in surprising ways

Even beer can be made from a waste product

If you’ve been reading this blog you might know that I’m trying to make little changes to my lifestyle to live in a more ethical and sustainable way. I love reading about brilliant ideas and technological advances that enable more things to be recycled and reused rather than thrown away. This article lists some surprising and innovative ways in which unwanted and waste products are being reused.

The 10 best Mexican cookbooks

Mexican Food
Mexican Food At Home image; Mexican Food At Home | © Hodder & Stoughton

I love Mexican food and I’ve been coveting Thomasina Miers’ Wahaca Mexican Food At Home since a friend first took me to eat at a Wahaca restaurant (I’m holding out until my new kitchen is in). But Miers’ book is not the only one out there. This is a great compendium of cook books you might want to consider if you’re in the market for Mexican.

The ultimate autumn foraging recipe

Bramble Polenta Cake
Image from The Whole Ingredient

The blackberry season is almost upon us in Wales (last time I checked they weren’t quite there yet). I’m planning to don my wellies and scour the hedgerows for the ripest to make our Christmas treat – blackberry vodka. If you’ve already been out foraging and aren’t sure what to do with all those berries, this delicious recipe might come in handy!

Starry nights

People Tree PJs
Image from the People Tree website

Last winter I found some very comfy and stylish looking organic cotton pyjamas on the People Tree website that I could really see myself lounging around and snuggling up in in over the colder months. Sadly, I dithered for too long before ordering and they disappeared from the website. Luckily for me they’re back and I can’t wait to get paid at the end of the month and snap them up!

What has inspired you this week? Are you hankering for comfy clothes, an indulgent pudding and a stack of books? It seems like I am with this week’s links to inspire!


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