This week, in the jungle… Vol. 18

Fresh figs
My first fresh figs of the season

I came back from my holiday this week fully refreshed and ready to re-engage with daily life. It was so good to see my family, spend time outside in nature and just come back to myself. Sadly, almost as soon as I’d settled back into my routine, we had some bad news which left me feeling upset and frustrated, at times almost physically sick. It’s strange the way life throws these challenges at us, just when we think we’re about to turn a corner.

After the initial shock of the news (which is house-related if you’re wondering), my boyfriend and I sat down and re-evaluated our plans. We slept on it and I set our new plans in motion the next day. We’ll be having our house valued next week, with a view to putting it on the market before Christmas. In the meantime, we’ll also be looking at a new place to live.

In a way, I am glad that bad news has forced us into a plan of action which is more active and that we have to engage with now, rather than the months of waiting and inaction that we’ve been stuck in before we decided to sell. Today I’ve been spring cleaning, packing boxes to put in the attic, sorting out clothes to take to charity, and generally tidying before our house valuation visits. It feels good to finally be doing something. There’s no progress without action.

This week’s likes:

A new simple earring by PickATwig

The excitement of viewing some beautiful houses – Looking forward to a more simple life – A tidy house without bin bags of clothes everywhere – Beautiful weather to ease decision making – Treating myself to a new earring from PickATwig – Trying to get tulips to grow in a vase

Watch – I don’t like to spend my holiday watching TV, but I do try to catch up on the news when I can.

Spiced cauliflower soup

Eat – After rather lavish and plentiful meals on holiday, I’ve been enjoying more simple, warming and autumnal fare at home such as: Spiced cauliflower soup/ Fresh figs/ Buttered porridge with honey

Listen – Birdsong, rugby fans cheering, traffic sounds.

Read – Still the Count of Monte Cristo! The trouble with e-readers is you can’t visualise how big a book is when you start it!

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ goes the saying. I think we’ll come out of our current house struggles as wiser and happier people. How do you deal with the spanners life throws at you?


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