Links to Inspire

A couple of things across the world wide web that have inspired me this week.

All that glitters…

Image taken from The Future Kept

Last week I discovered Uashmama (via The Future Kept) and decided to treat myself to their Pochette copper handbag. Uashmama products are made out of an innovative washable paper that feels like leather (vegan-friendly!) and are made in Tuscany. I also have my eye on this gorgeous, eye-catching silver wallet when mine finally gives up the ghost. Potentially a perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a lucky friend/family member!

Entertainment for rainy days

Card School
Image taken from The Simple Things

I’ve recently started to enjoy board games again after my dad taught me how to play halma on holiday. When I was younger we’d play all the time, especially in the evenings on skiing holidays when there was no other entertainment in our self-catering chalet. We really enjoyed playing cards as well, but we always ended up playing the same games because we didn’t know any others. This handy card school from the Simple Things magazine should help get some variety into your card games. Why don’t you plan a card and pizza evening with friends to learn together?

Weaving tales

Mollie Makes loom kitFor the longest time I’ve been wanting to learn how to weave. I even bought a loom a couple of months ago, but felt daunted at its size. I created and drew some designs, but couldn’t summon the courage to actually warp it. You know the feeling? This handy little loom came free in my latest edition of Mollie Makes magazine (number 58). It’s a perfect size for my first foray into weaving and comes ready with thread and everything you’d need. I’m excited to start learning this new craft and, eventually, getting out my big loom to work on larger pieces.

Breakfast of champions

Avocado toastI love breakfast, especially on weekends when they become more complex and lengthy affairs. Friends, coffee, pancakes and eggs…what’s not to love? However, sometimes the weekday breakfast gets neglected because we’re all short of time, rushing out the door to get to work with a slice of toast hastily crammed into our mouths. This compendium of breakfast recipes might just tempt you to give over a little bit of time (set that alarm 10 minutes early or spend less time in the shower) and indulge in the most important meal of the day on a weekday.

The sunny autumn weather, the blood moon, or a yummy recipe…what’s inspired you this week?


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