Crafty costume ideas for Halloween

Halloween pumpkins (Image from
Halloween pumpkins (Image from

When I was younger I loved to dress up; in kindergarten, I was always the first child in the dressing up box. Halloween was only just starting to become popular in the UK as I was growing up and I remember being invited to go trick or treating with a friend for the first time. I was sooo excited, but also in a panic about what to go as and the costume not being good enough. I ended up going as a witch, dressed all in black with an old lacy crochet shawl my mum made – a truely ‘handmade’ costume.

I went to University and dressing up was all the range. Every weekend there was a different themed party to go to – pirates, burglars, bin bags, emergency services, zombies, the Scooby Doo gang…I did it all. But I always found the process of going to shops to search for ready-made outfits quite soul-destroying, not to mention stressful (I confess it was always last minute shopping). Why do costumes always have to be so pricey and look so cheap? I quickly got sick of looking through my wardrobe, charity and high street shops trying to put together a half decent costume. When I left University I’d given up dressing up altogether.

Recently, after years of dressing-up hiatus, I’ve become excited about it again thanks to the photobooths that seem to crop up at any festival or celebration I attend. As Halloween approaches, I really want to dress up. I’ve been able to find so many cool and crafty ideas for costumes on Pinterest and other websites! Sadly, I’ll be out with some party poopers on Halloween, so I thought I’d share some of these amazing crafty creations with you. Happy Halloween!

DIY Strawberry Costume by DIY Studio
DIY Strawberry Costume by DIY Studio

If you’re not into the traditional scary Halloween costumes, why not get fruity with these fun outfit ideas from DIY Studio? I love the strawberry! If you don’t want to do the class, why not go out on your own creative limb and pick up an old red dress (scour the charity shops) and some green felt (there’s still time to put in an online order) for a cheery and colourful Halloween costume.

Princess Leia Beanie pattern from Hopeful Honey
Princess Leia Beanie pattern from Hopeful Honey

I’ve always dreamed of a Star Wars dress-up and this crochet Princess Leia hair beanie from Hopeful Honey is perfect! I realise it’s a baby beanie pattern, but you could easily adapt it for your own head with a bit more wool. Together with a floaty white dress, it’s an unmistakeable (and affordable) Halloween option for us geeky girls and boys.

Skull Mask by FireneDesigns
Skull Mask pattern by FireneDesigns

This DIY crochet skull mask by FireneDesigns would be an amazing handmade centrepiece for a spooky Halloween costume. Great for a nightout if teamed with a black romper or catsuit!

Are you guys big on Halloween or dressing up? What is your favourite costume of all time? If you have any more crafty costume ideas, please comment below!


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