This week, in the jungle… Vol. 21

Last week’s jungle update was short for good reason. I went into work Monday morning but got sent home because I looked (and felt) so woozy and ill. So I stayed home for a couple of days to recover, which was slightly boring but I occupied myself by devouring some books (what else is there to do when you’re ill?).

RSPB rewilding wellies
The RSPB stall at the Made in Roath roadblock
Made in Roath 2015 Roadblock
Made in Roath 2015 roadblock

I’m feeling better now, but still not 100%. Thankfully, I was well enough to stick to the volunteering plans I’d made for this week. Somehow, volunteering opportunities always seem to come at once – this week being no exception. Thursday and Friday I volunteered to collect and sort items for the big Exchange in Roath Swap Shop event this weekend. I actually dreamt I was still sorting clothes on Friday night, that’s how much stuff there was! Saturday I spent volunteering for the RSPB rewilding wellies with children as part of the annual Made in Roath art festival roadblock.

DIY tools
DIY… preping our spare bedroom for painting

Today I’ve been getting covered in dust as we prepared our spare bedroom for painting. I’m so ready for some relaxation now!

This week’s likes:


Finishing my first weaving – Meeting some lovely people while volunteering – Being spoiled with delicious food all week – Making some inroads towards putting our house on the market – Seasonal squash from the farmer’s market – The first hug from my boyfriend after days of staying away (so he wouldn’t catch my cold)

Watch – An Inspector Calls/ Rush (the film)/ Ascent of Woman (BBC documentary)

Thai butternut squash soupCookies and milkSpaghetti Bolognese

Eat – I’ve been ‘feeding my cold’ as my bf put it with: rice pudding/ soups (minestrone, Thai butternut, green vegetable)/ Thai red curry & wholewheat vermicelli/ figs with tahini/ peanut butter cookies/ chocolate salted caramel ice cream/ spaghetti Bolognese/ bifteki, tyrokafteri and ouzo/ PIZZA!

Listen – To friends talking, and this podcast about copywriting and being yourself.

Read – On Liberty by Shami Chakrabarti/I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

How do you keep yourself from getting bored when you’re on sick leave? What are your failsafe foods to ward off a cold?



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