Links to Inspire

A couple of things across the world wide web that have inspired me this week.

Man overboard? Toss him a good book!

Vintage reading poster from Brain Pickings
Image from Brain Pickings

I love reading, as you probably all well know by now. I doubt reading had to be advertised to me as a child – I’d pinch the Tintin cartoons my brothers brought home from school before they could sit down to read them (probably doing them a disservice, since they were undoubtedly being given them to practice their literacy skills…oops). These vintage adverts for libraries and reading made me smile this week, the first one especially made me giggle.

Which is your favourite?

A list for a new decade

Moet et Chandon illustration by Sainte Maria
Moet et Chandon illustration by Sainte Maria

Sometimes I think it takes someone else’s to do list to realise some of the things you’re missing in your own life. I love writer and blogger Meg Free’s post 30th birthday list. Some things don’t really apply to my life or I’m not inclined to do (she will wear heels whereas I will go barefoot), but others are spot on and beautifully put…I think we should all “throw kindness around like confetti”!

If you made a list for your next decade, what would be on it?

Cosy winter crochet project

Purl Soho Alpaca Crochet Rug
Image from Purl Soho

These chunky alpaca rugs could be just the thing to warm your toes as you get out of bed on a cold winter’s day. Why not buy the wool and print out the free pattern as a thoughtful and crafty Christmas present for a special friend? I know I’d love to receive that gift.

Have you ever been given a crafty present?

A writer’s manifesto

Joanne Harris (credit Jennifer Robertson of Kyte Photography)
Joanne Harris (credit Jennifer Robertson of Kyte Photography)

A thoughtful piece on authorship and the digital age by Joanne Harris. It made me think of all those people who hound popular authors like George R. R. Martin to finish their next book. I don’t think I could ever presume to do that to an author. A good thing will take time and often because it is delayed will bring more pleasure and gratification. As an aspiring writer, I know how difficult it is to even sit down and complete a book let alone go through a lengthy publishing and gruelling promotion process. Maybe as readers we should learn to practice a little patience and savour each sentence rather than gobbling up the action (something I confess I am guilty of).

What do you think about how readers and writers interact in the digital age?

Gingerbread men

Image from BBC Food website

The perfect autumn cookie. I recently had a craving for them, so I used this recipe substituting honey for the syrup and wholemeal spelt for the plain flour (use what you have at home, right?). It made quite a big batch, so I’m going to take some into work for my colleagues to enjoy.

What’s your perfect cookie (and can you share the recipe)?

What’s inspired you this week? Share your ideas and links below.


4 thoughts on “Links to Inspire

  1. My inspiration this week has come from a number of things. I have seen so many people making crochet blankets and as the weather gets colder I thought I might give it ago. Thing is I have been putting it off “not enough wool” “not enough time” “not a good enough crochet-er”. Also I have a lovely crochet blanket my great nan made me years ago. I decided to look over it now I know some stitches and was gutted to see it has two holes in it. One is from the squares were attached and the other is a double crochet ripped from its brothers 😦 this made up my mind and I decided to go for it! I went with and colourful patten and my first thought of what I will do when it’s finished is to be cuddled up on my chair wrapped in it reading a book! Hehe. Thanks for the lovely posy ♡ x


    1. Glad you liked it and thanks for your comment!

      I’m reading your comment as I sit huddled on my chair with a crochet blanket I finished this year (the first one I made). It’s a woven afghan in red, navy, grey, purple and white. I was so proud of it when I’d finished :).

      Is there no way of reparing or darning the holes in your great nan’s blanket? I’m sure you could find some tips on the web or Pinterest.

      I think teaching yourself is often the best way to go. I tried learning crochet from my mum, but she’s such a perfectionist and just took over the project when I got stitches wrong (incidentally, my first project was a blanket too!). Then I got a book from the library and some bits of wool from a charity shop and started out on my own. Blankets are great projects to have in winter because they’ll keep you warm as you go. Good luck with yours; I’d love to see it when it’s done!

      D x


      1. I am scared I’ll do more harm then good if I attempt to repair the blanket but it’s worth looking about the Internet for tips. I self taught off youtube, funnily enough I started with knitting and then found a love for crochet (though at first I threw many crochet knots (supposed to be projects) away!) I’m currently making my blanket with pink, yellow, dark blue, light blue, purple and green with a white border x


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