This week, in the jungle… Vol. 22

Succulents from the Exchange in Roath swap shop I attended last week

The rarest of things occurred this week – a weekend without any plans. I had thought about going to a local arts centre to watch the new Macbeth film, but instead on Saturday we pottered around painting our spare bedroom rewarding ourselves with a trip to the pub, just the two of us. Saturdays for me are days of action and are best spent in productive ways.

Crocheting fingerless mittens
Finishing off my fingerless mittens
Fingerless mittens
Fingerless mittens complete

Sundays I prefer to spend in a more leisurely manner. A simple banana, granola and yoghurt breakfast spent catching up on football scores and political talk courtesy of Andrew Marr. Crocheting the finishing touches to some fingerless mittens and starting a matching slouchy beanie with the leftover wool. Making a pot of tea while homemade granola is crisping in the oven and apple compote is bubbling away on the hob filling the house with deliciously warming and autumnal smells.

Later we’ll watch the Man Utd/Man City game (my boyfriend is a United supporter), put finishing touches to the spare bedroom and finish the evening with some pitta pizzas and a hot chocolate.

Making ginerbread men
Making gingerbread men

On Monday I’ll be starting a new series of posts with my cooking inspiration for the week ahead. I’m an intuitive cook and get my inspiration for evening meals from all sorts of places – recipes I’ve seen on the web, cravings I’ve had, seeing local and seasonal produce at the farmer’s market, a restaurant menu. “This week I’m craving…” will be posted on Mondays and include recipes for dishes that have inspired me for the week ahead in the hope that it will help you all with your own meal planning.

This week’s likes:

Vintage belt
My favourite vintage belt – Bought in Poland by my mum as a teenager

Leaves falling onto my head and all around me – The smell of coffee in the morning – A trip to the theatre on a weekday night – Wearing my favourite vintage belt

Watch –The Casual Vacancy; A performance of A Dolls House in the Sherman Theatre

Creamy squash pasta
Creamy squash pasta
Greek salad
I was obsessed with Greek salad this week after finding a beautiful head of lettuce at the farmer’s market
Mini strawberry tart
A treat from a co-worker who was celebrating 25 years of service

Eat – Garlic roasted peppers and broccoli with chickpeas/ Lentil and kale soup/ Gingerbread men/ Greek Salad/ Farmhouse sausages with braised red cabbage and mash/ A mini strawberry tart/ Creamy squash pasta

Listen – The Kick Inside – Kate Bush/ The Cult’s Best of/ And two random songs that have been stuck in my head this week – Stacey’s mum/ Gangster’s Paradise

Read – On Liberty by Shami Chakrabarti/ After Flodden by Rosemary Goring

Do you prefer productive Saturdays and leisurely Sundays? What random songs have been stuck in your head this week?


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