This week, in the jungle… Vol. 23

Autumn in the city
Almost winter now, the last of the leaves clinging on for dear life

I have a checkered history when it comes to Halloween. As a child I couldn’t wait to take part in my first trick or treating excursion. As a teenager I really couldn’t be bothered. As a student I enjoyed the odd dress-up here and there (taking it a bit too far sometimes with the hair dye). As a 20-something costumes lost all appeal. But as I steer rapidly towards my 30s, I’m starting to take an interest again and am slightly disappointed that there will be no dressing up this year.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a scrooge for everything else associated with Halloween. I wouldn’t go so far as to decorate my house or have an open door policy for trick or treaters. I don’t have children and would rather not have a doorbell ringing endlessly and be bothered for sweets. Not having grown up in a family or culture where it was a big deal, I suppose that’s as Halloween friendly as I’ll ever get.

This weekend I’m spending time away with friends (no need to hide from trick or treaters). There will be drink, good food, some rugby and then maybe some more drink. Despite not dressing up (a last minute Ghostbusters costume idea was vetoed), I’m determined to have a fabulous time. Maybe I’ll read some ghost stories aloud to myself under the covers with a torch – old school. Happy Halloween everyone!

Bloody beetroot hands....Halloween enough?
Bloody beetroot hands….Halloween enough?

This week’s likes:

A wonderful Italian feast – Hazelnut schnapps – Looking forward to the November edition of The Simple Things – Storing up a stash of crochet projects for winter and choosing wool for them

Watch – The Last Kingdom, a new series on the BBC based on Bernard Cromwell’s books, is riveting. This is the first time that my boyfriend (rather than myself) has read the book before watching the series!

Porridge with apple compote and creme fraiche
Porridge with apple compote and creme fraiche
Chinese lettuce cups
Chinese lettuce cups

Eat – An Italian feast (Scallops, tagliatelle amatriciana, tiramisu, pistachio ice ceram)/ Creamed beetroot soup/ Chinese lettuce cups/ Sausage hash/ Porridge with apple compote and creme fraiche/ Baked potato with beans

Listen – Wohlstandskinder (a German punk band taking me back to being a teenager)/ Pigeon Detectives (taking my back to my University days)

Randomly stuck in my head for no reasonHope of deliverance by Paul McCartney/ Everybody’s talking by Harry Nilsson

Read – The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Is Halloween a big thing where you are or do you not participate? I’d love to hear about your costume ideas if you’re dressing up!



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