Essentials for a weekend in the country

Countryside viewsI love my regular jaunts to the countryside. It’s a time when I can get back to the simple things, put comfort over fashion, wearing clothes that I don’t mind getting mucky, and have endless non-makeup days. The stars shine brighter, the birdsong is louder and the traffic quieter. But the weather is cooler, paths narrower and often uneven, and you can be stuck miles away from any help. Here are my essentials for a weekend in the country.

Wellies or walking boots

Hunter Short Wellies
My wellies, short matt black Hunters – Image from Hunter Boots

You need a waterproof shoe with a sturdy profile for those country walks. I tend to use my walking boots more often than my wellies, as we do go on quite a lot of walks where the ground may be uneven. My walking boots have an ankle support which helps to protect feet and ankles from injury. A walking boot with a higher top is also much better for splashing through deeper puddles or muddy patches. I do love my wellies though, as they’re easy to slip on, especially if you’re not going far or the path is level.

A thick cardigan or fleece

A thick cardigan on peg

A thick cardiganOn my first proper visit to the country I was not at all prepared for how cold it was compared to the city I live in. Temperatures in the countryside are often lower than in towns and cities, so thin leggings and summer dresses will not do. Always come prepared for a 5 degree drop. I’ve learned my lesson and always take a thick cardigan or fleece that I can slip on when the temperature plummets.

A good book

Stack of books

I spend more time reading on my weekends in the country than at any other time. So I always come prepared, armed with a stack of books and magazines to snuggle up with in the evenings after dinner. After all, a good book is so much better than switching the TV on (in my opinion anyway…)!

Knitted socks

Knitted socks

There’s nothing worse than having cold and damp feet after being outside. I wear my mum’s hand-knitted socks to keep my feet cosy, whether they’re in walking boots or lounging in front of the fire.

A waterproof coat

HoodLamb Parka
Image from HoodLamb

Ah, the delights of mizzle. Not quite rainy drizzle, not quite light enough for mist. It abounds in the country whereas town and city-dwellers have never heard of the phenomenon. Trust me, you’ll need a good waterproof coat with hood more frequently than you think. I’m coveting this ethically made parka from HoodLamb.

An emergency bag in the boot

You never know when or where your car might break down, so it’s best to be prepared. Our bag contains water, chocolate, blankets, torch, phone battery and an emergency kit for the car so we can help ourselves or others if there’s a breakdown. It’s always kept in the boot and refreshed when necessary (i.e. when the chocolate is close to the use by date).

Do you spend weekends in the country? Are there any essentials you would add to my list?


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