Links to Inspire

A couple of things across the world wide web that have inspired me this week.

Annoyed by women’s magazine headlines?

Chloe Cushman for the Guardian
Illustration: Chloe Cushman for the Guardian

Join the club! I stopped buying women’s magazines a long time ago after becoming disillusioned with vapid conversation and negativity. I mean – you wouldn’t keep friends like that around, so why buy into it with a magazine? Recently I’m becoming aware of more intelligent and thought-provoking publications that I actually want to read. This article is a great satire on the Cosmopolitan front page, ridiculing the topics as well as the often patronising or childish language used. I’d love to read this magazine if it ever came out! What are your magazine pet peeves? Do you buy magazines? Which are your favourites?

A wealth of great fiction

Baileys Books Prize
Image from The Pool

The Bailey’s Women’s Prize for Fiction marks its 20th anniversary and the Pool celebrates with a great article. Incidentally it’s also an amazing compendium of books that are making it on my to-read and Christmas wishlists as I type. Here is a wealth of amazing books written by women to hibernate with during the winter. If you have an eReader, you won’t even need to step outside! We should celebrate women’s achievements in fiction a lot more, don’t you think?

Stretches for two

Partner Yoga
Image from Imperfect Matter

I love going to partner yoga classes. They’re a great way of getting out of your comfort zone, meeting new people, moving deeper into some poses, and practising your communication skills. Sadly, my boyfriend isn’t quite ready to try a full on yoga class yet, but these partner stretches look simple enough for a beginner to try. Remember to take care of your body if you do these – yoga should never hurt! Have you ever been to a partner yoga class?

Christmas cards made with love…and reindeer poo

Christmas card
Image from Talk of the Town Parties Folksy Shop

Is it too early to think of Christmas yet? I bookmarked these personalised Christmas cards way back in September. I’m not usually a card person, but the thought of sending someone a card made of recycled waste paper and reindeer poo with Christmas tree seeds embedded inside makes me want to giggle and wrinkle my nose with mild distaste at the same time. They’re eco-friendly and I would like to grow my own Christmas tree one day… Do you send Christmas cards? When do you start getting organised for the big day?

What’s inspired you this week? Share your links below!


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