This week, in the jungle… Vol. 25

Winter Wonderland ferris wheel
A glimpse of the Cardiff Winter Wonderland ferris wheel through the trees

On Monday a friend told me that we would be having a baby shower for a friend that was going on maternity leave this week. I had decided that I wanted to crochet a gift for the new arrival – a handmade gift seems more personal and meaningful to me than something shop bought. Panic stations as I flicked through pages and pages of baby shoe patterns, spent ages decided on the colours of wool, and frantically crocheting through my lunch breaks and every spare minute.

Crocheting in public
Crocheting in public

A good thing that came out of the pressure of a crochet deadline was that all self-consciousness went out the window. I’ve always been slightly shy about crocheting in front of my friends, let alone in a public space. In fact, I don’t think many people even know that I can crochet! But in a busy week with not much opportunity for time spent at home, I had to complete my gift where I could, be that in my workplace or in a busy city centre café. Now that necessity made me leave my comfort zone, I feel a lot less self-conscious about telling people I can crochet, showing them my creations, and even sitting down somewhere public on my own with my hooks and yarn. Next step, coffee shop craft parties and crocheting in the pub!

Earring made from a bicycle inner tube
An earring made from a bicycle wheel inner tube
Crafty mess
A crafty mess

Something else I’ve been looking forward to this week was an upcycling workshop for Christmas decorations and gifts. I made origami cranes from old magazines and books, icicle Christmas tree decorations from plastic bottles, and feather jewellery from the inner tubes of bicycle wheels. It’s really opened my eyes to the creative things you can do with what people generally consider waste. I’ll surely be looking at my rubbish in a different light from now on!

This week’s likes:

Kicking leaves

Kicking leaves about – Baby shower in a dessert parlour – Catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in months – Crocheting with a deadline – Getting my craft on with lots of friendly faces – Folding origami cranes

Watch – A programme about the Georgian home and beginnings of interior design/ Grand Designs

Chicken roast dinner
Chicken roast dinner from lat weekend – I made my own veggie stuffing
Kale and cauliflower macaroni cheese from Pret
Kale and cauliflower macaroni cheese from Pret which was rather tasty

Lemon cake for Children in Need

Eat – Brussel sprout hash with fried egg/ Sweet potato casserole/ Leftover stuffing and roast veg sandwich/ Kale and cauliflower macaroni cheese/ Irish veggie stew/ Orange spiced hot chocolate/ Cherry and chocolate ice cream milkshake

Listen – Kate Bush’s The Sensual World, one of my favourite songs (and albums) ever!

Read – Belinda by Maria Edgeworth; Home magazines donated to me by my manager

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of this week’s blog posts. This week, I’ve been craving hearty stodgy food and dainty truffles for afters. I wrote about how I taught myself to crochet and talked about meals that remind me of my childhood.

Do you ever feel self-conscious crafting in public? Have you left your comfort zone recently? Do you have any upcycling ideas to share?



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