This week, I’m craving…

This week I’m craving… a mixture of sweet and salty. I’ve never had a massive sweet tooth. That’s not to say I would knock a bar of chocolate, but I’d save it and wait until I was in the mood for it. However, offer me a crisp and I’m likely to take the whole bag! This week I’ve unusually been erring towards the sweet side, craving crisp warm waffles and crumbly comforting hazelnut biscuits.

My culinary inspiration for the week ahead:

Posh pasta bake

Old-school baked ziti
Image from Smitten Kitchen

I’ve never been a fan of the humble pasta bake. The words themselves make me think of university, tuna and sweetcorn, shop bought sauces and the cheapest ingredients we could afford to buy. This smitten kitchen pasta bake is different, so maybe we shouldn’t call it that and go with oven baked ziti instead. We know our pasta shapes! I want to make a giant batch of this gorgeous meat and cheese slathered pasta to have every day of the week. Knowing that I’m coming home from work to a hot and oozing plateful of this dish will make any day better.

Scandinavian waffles

Image from Nordic Diner
Image from Nordic Diner

Last week I went to a baby shower held at a new dessert parlour (they’re popping up all over Cardiff at the moment). I couldn’t decide what to have (ALL THE SWEETS!!!!) so I just plumped for an old-fashioned ice cream milkshake. But since seeing them on the menu, I’ve been craving waffles like no one’s business! I’m tempted to go back to the dessert parlour to try their waffles, but I know that homemade will always be better. My Scandilicious cookbook is stuck under a pile of boxes in the attic, so I’ll use this delicious recipe instead. Naughty weekday breakfasts sorted.

Crispy chilli beef

Crispy chilli beef
Image from BBC Good Food

I really fancy a Chinese takeaway, but I’m trying to save money and not eat out as much (there’s many Christmas get-togethers to come). Home cooked Chinese food is a bit of a mystery to me. Mine never ends up tasting as good as the takeaway version (maybe that’s a good thing?). I have tried making sweet and sour chicken before, which turned out quite nicely. I’m hoping this crispy chilli beef recipe will be equally as good as our takeaway staple with just the right about of sweet and spicy.

Hazelnut cookies

Image from the British Larder
Image from the British Larder

Occasionally when I have time on a Sunday I’ll make a stash of biscuits. They’re always a welcome addition as you settle on the sofa with the first cup of tea after a long day’s work. Lately I’ve been making gingerbread, but I need a break from their fiery sweetness. These hazelnut biscuits from the British Larder look like a piece of cake to make and incredibly moreish.

What’s on your menu this week? Are any of these dishes making your mouth water?


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