This week, in the jungle… Vol. 26

Gaz Coombs in the Welsh Club
Gaz Coombs in the Welsh Club

This week has gone by in a flash. Maybe it’s because I went out to see Gaz Coombs in the Welsh Club on Wednesday and spent most of Thursday in a blurry haze…one beer too many, oops.

I spent most of my free time this week moving stuff around in preparation for the builders to come round. There’s been some major progress in the work on our house, which means that it’s looking more and more like we’ll be able to put it on the market before Christmas, hooray! It has also meant that we’ve had to disconnect the TV. So we haven’t watched anything for the whole week. Instead I’ve been devouring books. Bliss!

Unexpectedly, I’ve also discovered eBay this week. Not the selling, I do that quite a bit when I have a clear out, but the buying side. There’s actually some quite nice things on there when you look hard enough. I’m all about the eco-friendliness of second hand buying, but I never found any items I liked. That’s changed dramatically by following some of my favourite clothing brands. Now it seems like there are so many beautiful items and the prices are going up accordingly. I’ve been trying my hand at putting in some bids. Most I lose because I don’t want to spend over a certain amount, but today I bought a denim shift dress – something I’ve been looking for for a while – for under £10. Let’s hope it fits when it arrives otherwise I might have to pack in the eBay enthusiasm again…!

This week’s likes:

Cocktails o’clock

My first Manhattan – Watching live music – Rekindling a forgotten dream – Leaving work early for a road trip to the country – New season clementines – Making plans for Christmas get-together – Detective work

Watch – The news and then nothing. We’ve dismantled our TV for ongoing DIY work which is quite a refreshing change!

Jacket potato and dill scrambled eggs
Jacket potato and dill scrambled eggs

Eat – Tuna melt/ Jacket potato, broccoli and sweet chilli salmon/ Cheese, ham and pickle sandwiches/ Buttermilk fried chicken burger/ Tomato soup/ Cranberry Wensleydale on oatcakes/ Hot buttered cinnamon porridge with honey

Listen – Bright eyes/ Kings of Leon/ Kate Bush’s 50 words for snow/ Father John Misty/ Gaz Coombs

Read – The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher/ The Christmas Café by Amanda Prowse/ Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson/ Dipping in and out of The most of Nora Ephron

Cardiff street art
New street art discovered in Cardiff

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of the blog posts from this week, here’s a little summary:

  • In This week I’m craving, I rounded up some delicious recipes including hazelnut cookies and a posh pasta bake
  • I started a new series of posts called Collected thoughts with a discussion of romance
  • My fortnightly assortment of Links to Inspire, with candlelight, whisky, friendship and a random but amazing art project

Are you an eBay buying and selling pro, or are you a bit scared to venture into buying territory like me? Do you have any tips for us eBay scardy-cats? Also, do you know of any other similar auction sites where you might be able to grab a bargain (we can keep secrets, we’re all among friends here ;))?




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