Pre-Christmas crochet projects

I find that often when I don’t have a new crochet project to look forward to and the wool for it ready at hand, I just stop crocheting for weeks and weeks. It can take some motivation to start up again, especially if I’m overwhelmed by great prospective projects and spoilt for choice by beautiful yarn colours and textures. You see how easily I get distracted? I want to be making and get frustrated by my restlessness if I’m not.

Crocheting in public
Crocheting in public

After making a pair of crochet booties for a friend’s impending new arrival, surprise surprise, I lay down my hook again; inundated by exciting patterns but not knowing where to start. So I’ve put together a few projects that are easy enough to get me going again. They all have their individual merits, from handmade gifts and quirky decorations to yarn stash busting. These should tide me through until Christmas and hopefully provide some welcome inspiration to you as well!

All the pretty birds

Crochet bird pattern
Image from Lime Green Lady

Generally I’m not much of a fan of amigurumi because I’m never sure what to do with the finished product. That said, I can’t help but make an exception for these amazing crocheted birds! It would be a great challenge to replicate this pattern in the actual colours of garden birds – you could easily made robins with red chests, magpies with their beautiful shimmery blue wings, or kingfishers resplendent in blue and orange.

A stash-busting lampshade cover

Sophie Digard style crochet circles
Image by Barbara Hartl, all rights reserved

I’ve got a lot of little bits of yarn that I’ve saved from various projects over the years. My mum gives me all of hers too, unless she can work them into multi-coloured socks for us. Storing it has become a bit of a problem… Recently I was browsing Pinterest for inspiration and came across Sophie Digard’s beautifully intricate designs. I love the idea of using all my little bits of let over yarn to crochet small circles that I will put together as a lampshade cover and maybe to embellish a cushion cover to match.

Waiting for the sun

Crochet sunglasses case
Image from Mollie Makes

Why is it I can never find a glasses case that I like? I’ve always though it’s one of the curses of the visually impaired. First world problems, I know, but hooray for Mollie Makes and this free and simple pattern from their website. Even if you don’t wear glasses (lucky you!) or the sun isn’t shining now, you’ll be glad you made these by the time the spring comes around – or have immediate gratification if you’re lucky enough to be heading off on a skiing holiday. I plan to make this sunglasses case for next year’s trip of a lifetime to New Zealand. Now, which colours to choose?

Are you always cold?

Crochet legwarmers
Image from B. Hooked Crochet

Then you might want to give legwarmers a go! They’re the one winter warmer I don’t have yet and would really come in useful in my yoga classes when I can’t actually wear socks. This pattern is simple enough for beginners or you could add some embellishments if you’re already a dab hand.

A Christmas garland

Crochet star garland
Image from The Royal Sisters

I get a bit fed up with the consumerism and ensuing waste at Christmas. Decorations especially are a bit of a bugbear of mine. I know that tinsel can look nice and instantly delivers that Christmas feeling, but it’s also responsible for quite a bit of plastic waste. I don’t use any tinsel on my Christmas tree, opting for vintage and handmade baubles and straw decorations in a variety of colours and shapes instead. So instead of creating more plastic, why not make this garland to decorate your tree for a truly homemade Christmas?

Image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

What’s next on your crochet project list (or craft list if you don’t crochet)?


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