This week, in the jungle… Vol. 29

Christmas cards
Christmas cards, all shapes and sizes

To Christmas card or not to Christmas card? The dilemma I am faced with year-in and year-out. I feel like I’m walking on a minefield of Christmas card etiquette and don’t know where to place my foot next! I remember the post boxes for Christmas cards we had in primary school. On the last day of school before the winter holidays, we’d open the post box and everyone would pile their stash on their desks and open them. Whoever had the most cards was clearly the most popular. That’s why I’d spent nights writing cards to practically everyone, taking pains to make sure my handwriting was neat (especially for the teachers’ cards) and discarding any cards I didn’t like the motif of (too “traditional”), picking the choicest nativities for my best friends and people I wanted to like me. I’m so glad I’m not in school anymore!

Personally, I’m against cards unless there’s a real purpose to sending them. A grandma who lives far away who you only get to see once a year and wants to wish you a happy birthday with a lengthy card – that’s fine. Sending a card to your neighbour who you don’t even see every day and only say good morning to? I don’t really see the point. Call me a scrooge, but we’re wasting a lot of paper here on something that can just be said to people’s faces.

Most of the time I don’t have a dilemma. My circle of friends doesn’t do Christmas cards. I’m beginning to think it’s a generational thing. The dilemma comes about when I receive a card from a colleague, neighbour or family member (on Christmas Day…you’re sitting right next to me opening a present and already wished me a Merry Christmas in the morning!!) when you had no intention of getting them one. You’re already loosing because you didn’t send yours first and any card you do send is a forced reaction because you probably hadn’t meant to send them one anyway. Oh dear.

I suppose the materialism of Christmas has just made me forget what the card was originally intended for. Elementally, sending a card is just a way of telling someone that you’re thinking of them at this time of year and wishing them all the best. When I think about it that way, I’m not so against cards (as long as they’re made from sustainably sourced paper and recycled afterwards…).

A Winter Book, Tove Jansson book cover
Looking forward to reading this book over the holidays!

This week’s likes:

Making plans for my mum’s visit – The look of excitement on my boyfriend’s face after opening his St. Nicholas Day stocking – Belting out Rival Sons whilst painting the kitchen ceiling – Having my kitchen back again – That bonding experience when your boyfriend has to help wash your hair in the kitchen sink because the bathroom is being retiled

Watch – Guardians of the Galaxy/ Live at the Apollo with Romesh Ranganathan

Eat – Mixed grain porridge/ Hoisin veg with rice/ Cheese bloomer sandwich/ Tagliatelle with wild garlic pesto/ Jacket potato with roasted veg and pesto/ Lentil daal/ Melty brie, mushroom and roasted veg wrap/ Lentil hotpot/ Cranberry and orange panettone

Cheese sandwich

Listen – Monster Truck/ Rival Sons

Read – Lady of Quality by Georgette Heyer

Craft – I started crocheting a pair of easy legwarmers with a multi-coloured thick/thin wool, but they looked to chunky (no one wants their legs to look chunkier than they are, do they?), so I’ve unravelled those. I’ll probably make a scarf with the wool instead. I also started crocheting a bird in navy wool.

St. Nicholas Day stocking fillers
St. Nicholas Day stocking fillers

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of my recent blog posts, this week I:

Do you send Christmas cards? What’s your policy – only family and friends, or do you include work colleagues and neighbours? Do you feel guilty if you receive but don’t send?



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