Links to Inspire

A couple of things across the world wide web that have inspired me this week.

Seeing Aurora

Northern Lights with a shooting star and silhouettes (Aurora Borealis)
Image from Countryfile Magazine

I’m fascinated by the colourful splendours the Northern Lights spread across our skies. They seem almost playful to me, like a toddler let loose on the dark heavens with a paintbrush. But the way the light peters out into darkness also feels muted, and awe-inspiring. I’d love to see them one day in Iceland, where they are often at their brightest. But you can also see them in Britain. This guide from Countryfile Magazine has some essential tips to find the elusive Aurora without leaving the country.

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights? Did you see them in the UK or abroad?

Crafty apologies

Apologising with a pom pom
Image from Apomogy

Many people find it difficult to say sorry. Whether it’s pride or embarrassment getting in the way, actually saying the words seems the hardest thing to do for many of us. I’d never thought of expressing regret or apology in any way other than verbal (maybe accompanied by a hug) until I came across this website. I love the idea of crafting a vehicle for the apology – it’s thoughtful, witty and rather lovely. Maybe it’s the Brit in me but some I’d only use this to apologise for a minor mistake, for something graver I’d prefer the traditional method (but you can give me a pom pom too if you like!).

Would you say sorry with a pompom? Where would you draw the line on crafty apologies?

How to hyphenate

Punctuation exclamation mark comma colon hyphen semi-colon full stop dash question mark

As a writer I can get quite geeky about punctuation. Often when I’m reading a book or blog and see a mistake, I have to confess that I sometimes feel a little bit disgusted inside (I’m sorry!). The odd mistake shouldn’t be a reflection on the writer – perfection can be scarily difficult to achieve, despite spellchecking and proof-reading. Nevertheless, it’s always good to brush up on your grammar and punctuation knowledge. This article on the humble hyphen is great intro. You’ll be a grammar geek in no time!

How’s your grammar/punctuation? Do you love it or hate it?

The witty and incomparable…

Nora Ephron The last interview book cover
Image from The Pool (Book published by Melville House)

It seems that every female in Western civilisation (regardless of age or background) can identify with Nora Ephron. Almost every time I check Twitter, someone is shouting about how much they loved her. I’ve always thought my knowledge of all things Ephron was sadly lacking. If all these women love her so fiercely, I must investigate further! What I know of her, I like (barring Sleepless in Seattle…I couldn’t get into that film). I recently bought an anthology of her articles and screenplays and am slowly working my way through. I think I get it – she had a unique voice and was completely true to herself (something we can all aspire to). So let a little Nora into your life with this article from The Pool.

Are you a Nora superfan or novice like myself? What do you like about her?

What’s inspired you this week? Share your links below!

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