This week, in the jungle… Vol. 33

Pink sunrise
I got excited by this lovely pink sunrise this morning

This week started off on a very sad note and has ended on the same with the deaths of two of my teenage heroes, David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I call them teenage heroes because I was first touched and intrigued by their art in my youth. They have continued to inspire me ever since. I say ‘their art’ because it was more than simply music and acting. Have you ever heard Alan Rickman read Shakespeare’s sonnets? Or seen David Bowie’s acting? It was synesthetic, everything playing together to form a perfect moment when all your senses are engaged. That doesn’t happen very often and it’s so hard to describe without feeling terribly clichéd and over the top. Do you know what I mean?

On Monday morning I walked into work and switched the radio and my pc on, as I do every morning. I took my coat and scarf off and considered going to the kitchen to make some coffee. I was wrapped up in the same old narrative going on in my mind. The radio penetrated the fog of thought with someone talking about David Bowie and how much of a legend he had been. Had? I slowly put the pieces together in my head and realised that he must have died. It felt strange listening to his music on the radio all day and people paying tribute in their own ways (some so beautifully creative). I was upset at first, and shocked, with a lump in my throat that took its own sweet time to clear. When I heard about Alan Rickman’s death at first I didn’t believe it. It must be an internet hoax – the same age, the same disease. Sick after everything that’s already happened this month. Then I just felt empty and sarcastic. So many good people die every day.

Now I feel like celebrating. I want to listen to Rebel, Rebel on repeat, dancing around the room like I did as a teenager wanting to be that rebel, imagining myself with crazy colourful hair, piercings and outlandish clothing – believing that I was firmly on the way to finding myself. I want to fly across the world to see my flatmate from university who was obsessed with Alan Rickman and watch all his films with her – bonding us as closely together as we used to be. After the shock has passed, I feel these are the ways to remember and pay homage to your heroes. Celebrate the ways they made your life better and cherish the memories.

Polar bear necklace
My polar bear necklace by local artist Rachel Codd
Canadian maple leaf cookie
Possibly the best cookie I’ve ever had – it’s like a maple syrup custard cream… not sure what it is but I know it was brought back from Canada. Any ideas? Need more!

This week’s likes:

The collective outpouring of love for David Bowie and Alan Rickman – Waking up to the sound of ice being scraped from car windows at dawn – My polar bear necklace – The excited clamours of children in yellow vests on a school excursion – Maple leaf cookies

Watch – When Harry met Sally/ Rock of Ages

Eat – Leek and potato soup/ Tomato and garlic bread dipped in balsamic and olive oil/ Vegan cheddar toastie/ Salads/ Vietnamese greens soup/ Kidney bean tikka masala curry/ Mexican bean burger/ Boozy blackberry brownies

Listen – Boston/ Seu Jorge

Read – The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain/ The Princess of Cleves by Mme de Lafayette/ Finishing The Winter Book by Tove Jansson

Craft – Still loving (and working on) my beetle cross stitch pattern. I’d like to think I’m getting quite good at it. Now to find the perfect frame to display it in!

Beetle cross stitch
I’m getting there!

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of the blog posts from this week, here’s a recap:

  • In This week I’m craving… I put together a stash of recipes for the perfect American-style feast
  • I featured the Northern Lights, crafty apologies, grammar geekiness and some Nora Ephron magic in my Links to Inspire

How did you feel after the news this week? What are your favourite moments or memories of David Bowie or Alan Rickman? And how would you celebrate the life and work of someone you admire?



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