Travel inspiration for 2016

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is browsing travel websites, pouring over beautiful photography of far-away places and surfing through all the Pinterest boards entitled Wanderlust. I’m never happier than when I’m plotting our latest get-away and dreaming of inspirational new places and experiences. I’m sure I’m not alone out there. Planning a holiday is such a satisfying and joyful thing, sometimes it can be more relaxing than the holiday itself. For 2016 I’ve already come up with a (not insubstantial) list of places I want to go – whether I manage to visit them all this year is another matter, but they’ll stay on the list until I do. Here are my get-away plans for 2016.

New Zealand

When we were invited to a wedding near Melbourne last year it was the perfect excuse to book a holiday. We’ve been talking about visiting New Zealand for some time, so we didn’t think twice about rsvp-ing to the wedding and booking our multi-trip flights. We’ll be spending 10 blissful days on the North Island in March, followed by a couple of days celebrating in Melbourne with friends new and old. Truly the holiday of a lifetime (apart from when we come back to do the South Island)!

Wellington City at dusk from Mount Victoria
Wellington City at dusk from Mount Victoria – Image by russellstreet via flickr
Te Matua Ngahere Kauri forest New Zealand North island
Te Matua Ngahere – Image by ItravelNZ via flickr
Cathedral Cove Coromandel Peninsula New Zealand North Island
Cathedral Cove – Image by Nathanael Coyne via flickr

Image source: 1, 2, 3


We’ve been talking about a trip to Berlin for the past two years. Even though I grew up in Germany, I’ve never been to the capital city…shameful! I intend to make up for it this summer. We’re planning on combining a city break, a University reunion and a trip to see some of my family further afield. Most of all, I want to eat currywurst, go clubbing, visit beergardens and vintage shops, and soak up the bohemian atmosphere that I’ve heard so much about.

A floodlit view of the brandenburg gate at night berlin
Brandenburger Tor – Image by photoeverywhere
River Spree Berlin Reichstag
River Spree Berlin – Image by Mariano Mantel via flickr
Graffiti street art Berlin
Berlin Germany street art- Image by Richard Ricciardi via flicker

Image source: 1, 2, 3


My brother lives in Switzerland so I don’t get to see him very often. When he told me at Christmas that he might be going to a conference in Stockholm in the summer, I immediately jumped at the idea taking a trip out there to see him. It’s not unusual for us to meet up in random cities for a sibling holiday. He’s been to Stockholm before, so we’ll be able to natter in the cosiest bakeries, find the best smoked fish and see the sights together. Being able to see my bro after so long will make this city break even more special.

Stockholm houses marketplace
Stockholm houses – Image by ohlovelylies via flickr
Stockholm waterfront
Stockholm waterfront – Image by Pedro Szekely via flickr
Nordic bakery Scandinavian Sweden Stockholm
Skansen, Djurgården Bakery – Image by Luke Webber via flickr

Image source: 1, 2, 3


I’ve been to Budapest before, a long time ago on a coach trip with my mum. I remember loving it at the time but I knew that there would be so many more things to discover about the city without mum in tow or being at the mercy of a coach tour. For example, I’m yearning to visit the beautiful baths and the wine-growing regions that lie an hour’s drive outside the city. I also have a close friend who grew up there and moved back a year ago. I would love the opportunity to see her. She was always so good at showing me the most amazing secret parts of London and I’m sure she’ll be equally as good with Budapest if not better. I’m looking forward to seeing all the places the tour books don’t tell you about! It will be a personal visit to remember.

Széchenyi Thermal Baths Budapest
Széchenyi Thermal Baths – Image by Shawn Harquail via flickr
Budapest Central Market
Budapest Central Market – Image by Wally Argus via flickr
Budapest street scene
Budapest street scene – Image by Marcell Katona via flickr

Image source: 1, 2, 3

Have you planned your holidays for this year? Where have you been dreaming of travelling to? Have you been to any of the places I’m planning on visiting?


8 thoughts on “Travel inspiration for 2016

  1. I loved Berlin when i visited Germany for the first time last summer. This year I’ve got Brussels and Iceland already booked, but I hope to visit Barcelona as well. I’ve never been to Spain 😦
    I’ve just finished writing my post about Budapest – I’m a big fan of the baths too!


    1. Ohh, I’ll have a look at your Budapest post!
      I’ve never been to Spain either, which is a bit weird because everyone in Britain seems to flock to Spain for their holidays.
      Iceland is on my list too. My dad used to be a travel guide, so I’m hoping when the time comes he’ll be able to give me lots of tips. I hope you enjoy it!


    1. Thank you! I’m sure I’ll love it (and never want to go back home).
      I’ve always been fascinated by the Scandinavian countries but I’ve only managed to visit Denmark before now. I can’t wait to go to Sweden!


      1. Haha, yes! I don’t mind the cold though and love snow. In fact, I’m turning 30 next January and am planning to spend it learning cross-country skiing in Norway. I had better buy some thermals!


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