This week, in the jungle… Vol. 35

Champagne flutes scandi design
This week we toasted my new job with these cool Scandi-designed champagne flutes

Have you noticed the skies getting lighter? I’ve definitely noticed the difference when I go out in the morning. In the depths of December it doesn’t even get light while I’m out running, the only bright spots being the orange glow of street lights. Now I can follow the progress of the sun as it rises and I can chase the street lights as they get turned off one by one. It’s filled me with a sense of optimism, an eagerness to discover what the day will bring. The birds are loving it too, judging by all the warbling and twittering as I run past the shrubs that line the park gates.

Apart from the lighter mornings and my burgeoning optimism, this week has been good to me. I celebrated my birthday on the weekend and enjoyed a peaceful day at home not doing very much. In the week I had an interview and was offered my current dream job as a consequence which I am over the moon about. And I’ve almost finalised and booked all of the activities we want to do in New Zealand (including a mud therapy spa package for my boyfriend’s birthday, but shh!). The anticipation for the trip and the new job I start immediately afterwards is building, so much so that I couldn’t sleep last night from all the ideas rushing through my head!

This weekend I’m going to try and settle down again a little bit after all the excitement of the past week. There is DIY on the cards (we will finally be fitting skirting boards ready for new carpets), I plan to make a cake or muffins at the very least (seeing as I didn’t have a birthday cake), and we’ll be meeting friends too.

coral brooch
Wearing a beautiful coral brooch I’d forgotten about – we should definitely wear brooches more often

This week’s likes:

Getting my dream job *fistpump* – Opening birthday presents – Lighter skies – Treating myself to some new clothes in a brighter palette – A new notebook and The Simple Things magazine

Watch – The Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson/ Hinterland (brilliant crime drama made and set in Wales, you should definitely take a look)

Eat – Italian dinner for two (bruschetta, swordfish, tiramisu)/ Blueberry yoghurt bowl/ Pizza and cider/ Chocolate and peanut butter porridge/ Chocolate cookies/ Vegetable soup/ Roasted veg rice bowl/ Avocado and prawn bagels

Listen – The Temperance Movement/ Pink Grease/ Richard Hawley/ Patti Smith/ Janis Joplin

Read – Grey Granite by Lewis Grassic Gibbon/ Just Kids by Patti Smith/ The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Craft – I picked up my new Tunisian crochet hook for the first time this week and did a small practise swatch with some old wool. I got the hang of it quite quickly I think. Tunisian crochet fabric definitely curls a lot more than normal crochet but it has such a beautiful texture. I’m planning on making a sunglasses case to practise some more.

Tunisian crochet

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of the blog posts from this week:

  • I shared a menu for a birthday feast comprising all my favourite foods. What foods would be represented in your birthday menu?
  • As part of my Collected thoughts series I wrote about birthdays and the pressure to make them appear special

Have you noticed the mornings getting lighter? How does it make you feel? What has made you fist pump this week?




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