Yoghurt and mustard dressing

Yoghurt mustard dressing

It’s been absolutely ages since I shared a recipe so I thought I’d appropriate Monday’s usual foodie/ recipe-sharing slot with one of my own creations.

I was making a massive batch of roasted vegetables to clear the fridge out (for more incoming veggies, naturally). But vegetables and rice felt like such a boring combination, even with the addition of some herbs, spices and a good glug of balsamic vinegar. I couldn’t get excited about it, especially the rather bland addition of rice, so I decided to jazz it up with a dressing. A yoghurt dressing with a kick to be precise!

The kick comes from a good spoonful of plain old English mustard. I don’t often use mustard in dressings. Mustard comes with some heavy culinary baggage for me, I’ve always had it where it’s too strong for the actual meal. Think tender lettuce leaves overpowered by a hefty Dijon dressing. But my opinion is changing; there are some crazy varieties of mustard out there nowadays that can make for some amazingly versatile additions in meals as long as you’re not too heavy handed. I recently added blackcurrant mustard to a gravy for venison sausages. It gave a surprisingly fruity taste to the gravy, not unlike the traditional port version. It’s given me the motivation to go back to basics and experiment with simple mustard a lot more in my cooking. Hence why I reached for it to dress up this simple meal.


Yoghurt mustard dressing in bowl

Yoghurt mustard dressing roast veg bowl

Yoghurt and mustard dressing

Serves 2/3


4 tablespoons natural yoghurt

1 teaspoon mustard

2 teaspoons mayonnaise

1 teaspoon parsley (ideally chopped fresh, but dried will do)

1 teaspoon wild garlic pesto (I happened to have this in my fridge and it’s easy to make yourself, but you could simulate it by grating a small clove of garlic into the mixture and adding a pinch of salt too)

Pinch of pepper


Mix all of the above ingredients together. My wild garlic pesto was quite salty, so I didn’t add any extra salt to mine. Personally I wouldn’t skip the mayo, as it gives the dressing a bit of a lift, but if you don’t like it just add a small dash of white wine vinegar. Feel free to add more mustard/ mayo/ herbs/ salt and pepper to taste.

If you’d like to use it as a dip for raw vegetables etc, just swap natural for Greek style yoghurt which will give the dressing a bit more balk!

Yoghurt mustard dressing roast veg bowl

This was divine spooned over our roasted vegetable and rice bowls. It was a creamy compliment to the sweet beets, slightly bitter sprouts and nutty brown rice. I’m definitely adding this to my repertoire for simple weeknight meals.


Do you often use mustard in your cooking? What’s your favourite way of incorporating it? If you’ve tried my recipe let me know what you think!



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