This week, in the jungle… Vol. 37

Cristmas cactus flowers
The rather neglected Christmas cactus in my office is flowering again. The colours were too beautiful to ignore

Christmas cactus in bloom

This week I’ve been noticing small and subtle changes happing all around me. There’s such beauty in watching the seasons change in the parks and our garden. I have yet to see any snowdrops in the city (I think the time for them has passed). The daffodils are out in force and the crocuses are just poking out of the ground, still shy of the frosty nights. I’ve even seen buds on the magnolia trees, a promise of alluring scent come the spring. It’s quite grounding and comforting to see how nature changes and goes about its business regardless of your cares and worries. Plants will grow, frogs will spawn in the ponds and streams, leaves will start to unfurl. It’s refreshing to feel that you can rely on something that is completely out of your control.

I went for a run at the start of the week. Walking home from the park afterwards, I stopped at a red light and suddenly noticed all the life and light around me. The sun had just risen and there was a pinkish tinge to the sky. There were hardly any cars on the road. It was serenely quiet apart from the shuffling feet of the man at the fruit stall as he tried to get warm. A flock of pigeons started murmurating around the spire of the church on the corner. I started wishing I’d brought my camera, wanting to record the slightest detail – I would have snapped some great images. But then I thought that not having my camera was a good thing. It enabled me to fully soak up the atmosphere and sense of wonder. I was happy and perfectly optimistic for the rest of the day. I used to go out and let myself consciously notice nature a lot more often. I called them my wonder walks. I think this week was a reminder that I need to make an effort to do them more often. Who needs retail therapy when you can watch nature awakening, even on a busy city street?

I’ll all alone this weekend. I had intended to meet friends but the prospect of potentially frittering away my precious free weekend drinking and watching rugby doesn’t appeal. Instead I’m determined to be productive, packing the weekend full of activities I enjoy and want to devote some extra time to. I’ll be playing around with the blog and preparing new content. I plan to bake mango cake and peanut butter cookies and giving the house a good old scrub. There will be lots of uninterrupted opportunity for crafting too. Sometimes it’s good to be alone.

Origami crane blue
An origami paper crane I found in my rucksack

This week’s likes:

Bare feet on a new fluffy carpet – Wonder walks – Seeing family – The prospect of a weekend along so I can indulge in all the foods he hates and listen to my music (it’s got to be done)

Watch – I finished War & Peace this week and have to confess that I cried when Andrej died. I don’t normally get emotional about TV or films so it was quite unusual. My boyfriend was rather worried and kept trying to make me laugh (making it worse).

Eat – Lamb kofta/ Cold mezze/ Mango, papaya and banana smoothie/ Chicken fajitas/ Salads with turkey, tuna and brie (not all at once)/ Jerk chicken soup/ Hoisin stir fry with special fried rice

Listen – Chris Rea/ Boston/ Bob Marley/ Biffy Clyro/ Guns n Roses

Read – Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Craft – On the weekend I started a crochet shawl. I found the pattern in one of my crochet magazines. I’m feeling quite adventurous, so I decided to make it (despite not having attempted to make a shawl before) in a colour I would normally never have considered for myself (a shimmering golden yellow). So far it’s looking pretty. Now I just have to work out a colour for the trim. What colour/s do you think would go well?

Yellow crochet shawl in progress and crochet paraphinalia

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of the blog posts from this week:

Do you ever go out for wonder walks? Can you see the change in the seasons? Are the daffodils out where you are yet? What’s your favourite thing to do on a weekend alone?


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