Crochet ideas for spring

Tunisian crochet top

Erin Tunisian crochet top
Image from The Laughing Willow

I started learning Tunisian crochet this year and I’ve caught the bug. I think knowing regular crochet and practising has helped quite a lot. I made a sunglasses case in January and now I feel ready to start something a little bit more ambitious. I’ve been wanting to make an item of clothing (a top or cardigan) for myself for ages but I’ve been quite daunted by the unknown – so much can go wrong! I feel like this is the perfect pattern for me to test my new Tunisian crochet skills and embark on my first crochet top at the same time. Plus I love the green colour used in the example.

Crochet collar necklace

crochet collar necklace
Image from Simply Crochet

While rummaging about in my grandma’s attic as a teenager, I came across the most beautiful lace collars and promptly asked my mum to sew them onto some plain tshirts I had. I still have the lace collars, detached from the tshirts when they became too worn, and will treasure them. These are some beautiful crochet options with handy button fastenings – no need to sew them onto a garment, just wear them like you would a necklace to jazz up any outfit in the blink of an eye. I’m planning on making one in a beautiful coral cotton yarn that will really stand out.

Yoga socks

crochet yoga sicks
Image from Inside Crochet

Having practised yoga for quite a few years, I know how cold a studio can get in the wintertime. Nevertheless there’s nothing like practising barefoot. I always prefer to brave the cold for the sake of a better feeling practise and more grip on my mat. These yoga socks would be perfect for those times of year when you want something around your feet but still want to feel the mat with your toes. I love the tweed yarn they’re crocheted in. Of course they’d be perfect for other exercise too, not just yoga. I love to have bare feet but do still get cold toes so I’d even lounge about in them or use them as bed socks.

What’s your crochet inspiration for spring? Is there anything on your to-make list at the moment?

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3 thoughts on “Crochet ideas for spring

    1. Thansk for your comment!
      I started experimenting with the crochet collar last night. The pattern is taking some time to decipher, but it crochets up quite quickly once you get the hang of it.


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