A winter walk – Photodiary

Last month I had a weekend to myself alone at home. It’s so easy to spend most of your time indoors, potting around uninterrupted. That’s how I spent my Saturday. I don’t usually like spending all my time inside and I regretted it once Saturday evening came along. Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, so I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and went outside for a long walk with my camera.

The recreation park and sports fields were busy with amateur sports teams playing rugby and football. I stopped to admire some lichens growing on the trees around the rec. I might use these as inspiration for some drawings and prints.

I love to catch up with nature in my local park. It’s surprising how many flowers are now in bloom. I saw what I think are magnolia blossoms and some dog roses.

The lake is always a lovely and very popular spot. I was pleased to get a shot of the boats in. It looks so empty there, but believe me it wasn’t!

Do you ever go for long walks with your camera? What interesting things have you found?


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