Links to Inspire

A couple of things across the world wide web that have inspired me this week.

How to use your food waste

Food waste and offcuts
Photograph: Beate Sonnenberg for the Guardian

A great article dvocating ‘root to fruit’ eating and ingenious ways of using those leftovers (even sour milk!).

Do you have any tips for minimising food waste?

Baguette Ring – sterling silver with green tourmaline

Green tourmaline ring
Image from Nikki Stark Jewellery

A beautiful (and inexpensive) ring, handmade in the UK. I love the baguette shape. It’s quite unique to see in a dainty ring these days. She’s got a few in different colours and metals too, if tourmaline and silver isn’t your style.

What’s your jewellery style?

Lanes and arcades to explore

Melbourne lanes
Image from That’s Melbourne

While planning for an upcoming holiday, I’ve been trying to figure out what to do in Melbourne. A friend who lived there for years couldn’t help – she says there is nothing inherently touristy to do. But I recently stumbled upon some beautiful photos of the lanes around Flinders Street on Pinterest. I can’t wait to explore them with the walks on this website.

Have you been to Melbourne? What would you recommend doing?

What’s inspired you this week? Share your links below!

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