This week, I’m craving…

This week I’m craving… foods that remind me of holidays past. These past weeks I’ve sneakily been away on holiday (did you notice I was a little bit more quiet that normal?). Luckily I had some extra time for writing before I left so you guys were still getting content on the same days as usual, organised right? We went to New Zealand (North Island) and had a quick stopover in Australia before we flew home. I would say that it was, hands down, the best holiday I’ve ever been on. More of that in a future post. Now I’m back and I’ve found it hard to get back into the usual routine. I’m still daydreaming of all the amazing things we saw, not to mention some of the great meals we had!

My culinary inspiration for the week ahead is some of the meals that made this holiday:

Hangi pie

Hangi Pie at Rotorua Thermal Villege, Whakarewarewa
Image from Rotorua Super Passes

A hangi, so I’ve learned on my travels, is a traditional Maori way of cooking meat and vegetables in a fire pit. Everything is steamed so it’s healthy too. That is until you take the steamed foods and encase them in a buttery pastry pie! So simple but so tasty, and a great way to use up your roast dinner leftovers. I’ll definitely be trying it when I cook my next roast. I’ll make small versions that are handy to take to work for weekday lunches; a delicious way to reminisce on our holiday.



Passionfruit and raspberry pavlova Nigella Lawson
Image from The Happy Foodie

I’ve never been fussed on meringues, and therefore pavlovas have always left me cold as far as desserts go. I didn’t think I could change my mind, but I have, and what could be more fitting than to experience pavlova heaven in the – somewhat disputed – birthplace of the pavlova? I’ll never say a bad word about them ever again. And now I really need to learn how to make one (favourite recipes in the comments please)! For now, I’ll start experimenting with this Nigella recipe.

These two foodie experiences were particular highlights and so distinct, I couldn’t not share them with you. We had great meals all over the place, lots of them with really fresh and NZ sourced produce. I’ll share some of my favourite places we ate with you in the next couple of weeks.

What’s on your menu this week? Are any of these dishes making your mouth water?

Image sources: 1, 2


6 thoughts on “This week, I’m craving…

  1. now I’m craving a for a shepard’s pie (hangis pie reminds me of shepard’s pie a bit) and a pavlova! actually not a bad idea at all…we are having roast next Sunday and I bet there are going to be some leftovers 😉


    1. I know, whenever I write these posts I just end up wanting all the foods I’ve been talking about on one big platter! A hangi pie would be so easy to make, especially if you had some ready made pastry handy. Let me know how it goes if you do attempt it.
      Shepherd’s pie sounds good, I haven’t had one in years. You’ve inspired me! I think I’ll make one this weekend.

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