This week, in the jungle… Vol. 41

The week has been rocky in terms of sticking to a routine. It’s my first full week back in work since our holiday and I’m still trying to get back into a routine at home. Starting a new job hasn’t helped and we’re putting our house on the market this week (cue major cleaning and tidying panic). But I can honestly say that, despite the rickety start back after the holiday, I’m feeling really happy. I’ve started running again and doing some yoga in the morning (sometimes a gentle, sometimes a stronger practice). My new job is challenging and I’ve got autonomy to lead projects and be creative. And our house is finally in a state (freshly painted, cleaned and tidied) to go on the market. I’m excited to properly start the hunt for a new home and looking forward to what the future will bring.

Purple tulips
Purple tulips

Sustainability Challenge update:

I’d say I’ve gotten through the first week unscathed, although it’s early days yet! There’s still money in my bank account and my willpower hasn’t been properly tested yet. I even stopped myself from buying fresh flowers for the house. I must confess to having bought a tote bag from a charity pop-up, but I don’t believe you should put limits on being charitable.

One area where I haven’t been so good (more from a money-saving than sustainability perspective) is food shopping and takeaway coffees. I’ve had to nip in to a supermarket more times this week than I’d like to (…4 times and counting) to buy things missing for our dinners. Obviously, I usually walk out with slightly more than I came in for (even though I do try to stick to a list), such as a malted raisin loaf the other day. Oh well, it’ll keep! I’m still trying to find a routine for my lunch breaks too, and with the weather not being the best this week, I’ve ducked into coffee shops a little bit too often for my liking. Better than ducking into a department store though!

Next week I hope I can find a routine for my lunch breaks, even if it does mean having the occasional coffee. Instead of buying this, I’ll also have a think about my wishlist and what I might want to treat myself to next week (I’ll limit myself to 2 items I think).

How’s your sustainability challenge going? Have you been tempted to make any purchases this week? How do you talk yourself out of buying something?

This week’s likes:

Finally, a tidy house! – Really enjoying the second week in my new job – Finding a groove again with my eating habits

Watch – Maigret/ A Viking documentary

spaghetti and meatballs in tomato sauce
Spaghetti and meatballs

Eat – Spaghetti and meatballs/ Bircher muesli with raspberries/ Fresh pears and tinned peaches/ Falafel, rice, hummus salad/ Chocolate peanut butter/ Avocados

Listen – Monster Truck/ Nine Simone

stack of books and magazines with watch
Some of the things I am allowed to buy… a book or a magazine.

Read – Down Under by Bill Bryson/ Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith

Craft – Crafting is being put on hold at the moment. All my supplies are waiting for me in the attic. I’d like to find a smallish project to work on that won’t take over the house while it’s being put on the market and viewings are going on. Any ideas?

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of the blog posts from this week:

  • Have you even craved holiday foods when you come back home? These were some of the most memorable foods from my trip to New Zealand
  • I also shared a photodiary from our New Zealand North Island holiday. Has it made you want to visit New Zealand?



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