This week, in the jungle… Vol. 42

These days I’m constantly feeling like a newbie. I’ve started a challenging new job that involved getting to know the workings of and colleagues in three different departments. We’ve put our house on the market and are trying to figure out what happens next. Sometimes I feel like it might all be a bit much, all coming at once. You might feel like you’re drifting, unable to tell where the wind is coming from or where it will blow next. But that’s one of the exciting elements to life. Figure out the lay of the land, experiment, and you’ll find yourself coasting along in the most exciting and beautiful waters. And you could always find a calm harbour, let down your anchor and spend some time recuperating in a safe haven. With life throwing up so much turmoil, I’m going easy on myself and relishing quiet time.

Magazines on sofa
My weekend plans

Sustainability Challenge update

Last week I felt like I was buying too many coffees on lunch breaks and was popping into the supermarket a few times too often for my liking. This week I’ve been to the shops less, and I’m feeling happier about that. I’ve gone out for dinner with friends and have probably spent a bit more on coffee, but all in the name of socialising with new work colleagues and meeting friends. That’s something I don’t really want to save on!

This week’s likes:

The rainbow after a shower – Feel-good films – Cosy home-time – Catching up on a pile of magazines – A drive around the Cardiff countryside

Strawberry yoghurt bircher muesli
My new go-to breakfast – Bircher muesli with soy yoghurt and new season strawberries

Watch – Philomena/ Made in Dagenham/ Spike Island

Eat – Fix & Fogg’s hot and smoky peanut butter and avocado sandwiches/ Chicken saag curry/ Beef burger/ Salmon, mustard mash and buttered leeks/ New season strawberries

Listen – PJ Harvey/ Prince

Read – Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith/ M Train by Patti Smith

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of the blog posts from this week:

  • I frequently bake without eggs (whether I’ve run out or not). Here are my reasons and two of my favourite eggless staple recipes.
  • Last month I posed myself a challenge to read more poetry. Find out how I got on and what I want to read next.

What would you rather spend your money on; socialising or material things? How do you prefer to relax when the world is going a bit mad?




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