This week, in the jungle… Vol. 43


Washing machine

This week I feel like I’ve been put through a washing machine spin cycle. I’ve come out not knowing where or what I am. Buying a house makes you question your entire future life and (what you think) are your most primal needs. We’re constantly questioning our priorities. Selling a house is almost worse. You’re displaying your innermost self and opening wide up to criticisms from strangers. Put all of that emotional upheaval together with news of family operations and redundancies, and my childhood icon Prince dying, you’ve got one hell of a crazy week. I’m glad I’ve got a full day of yoga booked in this Saturday. Let’s put the week behind us. I’m looking forward to living weekend in my When Doves Cry t-shirt.

Tulip display

Sustainability Challenge Update

I’ve been finding joy in simple things this week. There’s been some socialising, but I’ve mainly been taking pleasure in the simple things like reading gardening magazines, appreciating flower displays and sketching in the park. I’ve been thinking about cutting out unnecessary expenses in my life and only spending on things that give me real and lasting pleasure. In that vein, I’m cancelling my hair appointment next week. My hair still looks fine after 10 weeks adn there are things I’d rather do instead. I’m on course to finish the month with a positive bank balance, nothing on my credit card, and my savings unmolested. Three cheers (and one week to go)!

This week’s likes

All the flowers everywhere – Being challenged to do your best – Finding out what I’m good at

Eat – Mackerel, cannellini and asparagus on toast/ Linguine pescatore/ Mortadella bruschetta/ Tuna and black olive pizza/ Sausages, polenta and grilled peppers/ Lentil nut roast (recipe comin up next Monday)

Listen – Prince, forever

Read – M Train by Patti Smith/ The Possessed by Dostoyevsky

This week’s blog posts:

Just in case you missed any of the blog posts from this week:

  • When you don’t feel like cooking my lazy recipes will come into their own
  • I shared my itinerary for a 12 day trip around New Zealand’s North Island
  • A while back I was approached by Trusted Clothes to write a blog post for them. Read about my quest for the perfect sustainable jeans over on their blog.

Have you guys been through the house buying/selling game? How do you cope with emotional rollercoaster weeks?


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