How to cook tuna steak

Raw tuna steak

I’ve only had tuna steak once or twice before in restaurants. The first time I ordered it, I made the mistake of asking for it medium to well done. It just ended up tasting like tuna from a tin, not the best use of such a great fresh ingredient. A raw to medium steak, caramelised on the outside and still pink in the middle, is how I like to eat it.

Recently, my local supermarket started stocking tuna steaks and I jumped at the chance to try it at home. I think we should all eat more fish and a wider variety, not just cod and chips. Tuna steak is a great place to start because it’s quite simple and quick to cook. It’s also a really versatile fish. There are so many ways to serve tuna steak; it does well with so many different cuisines from Asian, to Indian and Italian. Here’s a quick guide on the best way to cook tuna steak if you’re keen to try it at home and a couple of recipe ideas for inspiration.

How to cook tuna steak – Jamie Oliver

Tuna steaks with cucumber relish – BBC Good Food

Pistachio-crusted tuna steaks – Eating Well

Tuna Steak with avocado and cilantro marinade – Paleo Leap

I served my tuna steak with an Italian-inspired pasta salad which contained cannellini beans, black olives, tomato and basil.

Have you ever cooked tuna steak at home? How do you like it done? What’s your favourite way of serving it?


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